Pathways Profiles

Miranda Mueller
Class of 2004

First Steps
I started at Pacific thinking I’d major in Art, unsure of which career to pursue. I thought about illustration, art history, teaching, or some kind of graphic design. Becoming an animator sounded interesting, too.

Choices and Challenges
I decided to major in Integrated Media, thinking it would be a good “real world” addition to the art major. Unfortunately, the creative field in Portland bombed at about the same time I graduated. In hindsight I wish I had stuck with a creative writing minor like I originally wanted, which would have helped in my current career.

Finding A Pathway
As a senior, I did an internship with Northwest Documentary. I acted as a graphic designer and illustrator for them. I worked with a mentor to learn Quark and put together a brochure. I also created their logo for corporate identity and several other illustrations for them to use down the line. In addition, I worked as a curator at Pacific. I interviewed curators and did book research to get a sense of different theories behind the art of hanging art. I was also in charge of an art space in Marsh Hall, designing shows and gathering work from students to hang there. I also helped hang shows in Cawein Gallery. All of these hands-on experiences were helpful in shaping my direction and building my portfolio. They also helped motivate me to apply to graduate school.

I applied and was accepted to Savannah College of Art and Design, and earned an MA in Illustration. After that, I moved to New York with my grandmother and started networking and getting the ground floor of my career built. I’m just now finishing my first children’s book that will be published in November of 2007. I also have a piece in the February edition of Highlights magazine. In January or February, I will move to Austin, TX, and continue my work as both an illustrator and portrait artist.

In Texas, hopefully my career will grow with new contacts and a great artistic community. I plan on continuing to freelance and pursue portrait commissions. I ultimately plan on relocating back to the northwest, but I’ll give the southwest a try for a few years.