Pathways Profiles

Clare Richardson-Barlow
Class of 2008

First Steps
I’ve always been interested in politics, so when I came to Pacific I knew I wanted to major in Political Science. I decided to look for an internship, and through some connections I got a phone interview with The Potomac Advocates in Washington D.C., filled out some interview questions for them, and was chosen for the internship!

Choices and Challenges
Among the challenges I faced, one of the most prevalent was sexism. I was warned beforehand but it still shocked me. In general, I was compared to men and saw a difference in people’s reactions and responses to me from the male interns. Another challenge I faced was learning to do things I had always taken for granted; this was the farthest I had ever been away from my parents.

Finding A Pathway
I spent a semester in Washington D.C. interning for Potomac Advocates, a defense lobbyist firm. I was responsible for preparing and sending out a daily newsletter to clients and senators connected with the firm and I attended and took notes on committee hearings of interest to the firm’s clients. My favorite part of the experience was the people I worked with. I’m still in contact with them!

I plan to pursue a doctorate and follow a career in research and analysis. I gained a better understanding of what is going on at the nation’s capitol and learned a lot about the complication of the U.S. government. This has been the best thing I’ve done in college, by far! The benefits outweigh the difficulties and stress so much.

I enjoy reading, spending time with friends, and martial arts. I am the instructor for the Women’s Self-Defense class here at Pacific.