Spotlight on Success

Spotlight on Success

Angelica Rockquemore

"I believe that Anthropology is the icing on my three tiered wedding cake of majors, it solidifies and brings everything together to create one big delicious dessert"

Alana Kanasaku-Sarmiento

"Somehow during my senior year in high school, I knew that I was going to major in journalism and it just made sense"

Megan Plumlee-Chemistry

"It's a commitment of several years so I treat it like a job. I may eventually teach at a school like Pacific, join an environmental non-profit organization, become a researcher at a laboratory, or as many environmental engineers do, work as a consultant"

Hallie Hutchinson-Psychology

"I believe that given the chance, everyone should spend time studying abroad. As cliche as it sounds, you learn so much about yourself, which is extremely beneficial to any young individual who is navigating his or her way through life decisions"

Lily Robles - History

"It was something I was really excited about. It was sudden and wasn't planned, but those types of things happen and I'm glad I found that out before I was in a career I didn't want to be"