Resources to help Students and Alumni explore careers:


Self Study                                       

Connecting Majors and Careers: Need help finding a career direction? Individual counseling appointments are available, contact June Dressler at 503-352-2916

Career Guidance and Planning Software: Self-guided, interactive software that allows exploration of the connections between majors and careers.

Occupational Literacy                                   

Career Library: Open year around Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Full of career information, computer resources, graduate school information, résumé samples, job postings, etc.

Role Experimentation                                   

Job Shadowing and Informational Interviewing: Looking for career information from people in the workforce?  Contact June Dressler at 503-352-2916.

Internships: Are you seeking on hands exploration to a career path? Explore the Internship Program, contact Stephanie L.H. Krusemark at 503-352-2845.

Making Decisions

Individual appointments can be made with the Career Development Center staff to reflect on your experiences and make a plan of action for your career goals. Appointments can be scheduled by completing an intake form, calling us at 503-352-2877 or e-mailing us at

Workshops and Programs: Too numerous to list here, see the Events Calendar.

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