Services for Students & Alumni

Our mission is to collaborate with fellow educators and community members to provide a transformative blend of liberal arts, experiential, and career education that is so well integrated, empowering, and responsive to student needs that it emboldens them to pursue pathways to personal, professional, and community engagement that might otherwise have remained hidden or unattainable. Our promise to students who join us in this effort is that they will launch meaningful careers before they graduate.

Students are encouraged to seek our assistance with the following

Career Counseling

Career counseling takes lots of forms and can attend to a variety of needs and interests, from short- to long-term. Whatever your career-related need, working with students and alumni individually is our chief focus. Please help us to define and pursue an approach to career planning that works for you.

Work Opportunities

Part-time and temporary jobs, summer jobs, internships, full-time career positions, and Work-Study jobs are all posted at, which was created by our Career Development Center here at Pacific University and is shared with other liberal arts colleges in Oregon.

Volunteer and Service-Learning Opportunities

Students seeking work and volunteer experience that will help them explore and prepare for specific careers should contact June Dressler. Students wishing to identify non-Work-Study community service and service-learning opportunities not necessarily connected to their career aspirations, but just out of the desire to get involved and make a difference should also seek assistance from the Center for Civic Engagement.

Workshops and Programs

See the Events Calendar for current upcoming workshops and programs. Below are several downloadable handouts from previous programs.

Assessing Your Skills and Interests to a Career (PDF)
Career Exploration (PDF)
Four Year Calendar (PDF)
Ideas for Liberal Arts Majors Thinking about Careers (PDF)
Identifying and Researching Employers (PDF)
Writing Résumés and Cover Letters (PDF)
Desktop Publishing Skills (PDF)
Using Informational Interviews in Your Job Search (PDF)
Effective Interviewing Skills (PDF)
Graduate School Research (PDF)
Preparing to apply to Graduate School (PDF)
Writing a Personal Statement for Graduate or Professional School Applications (PDF)
Preparing for the Graduate School Interview (PDF)
Job Fairs: Fall, Spring and Summer (PDF)
Marketing, Sales, and Career Development (PDF)
Marketing Your Major Skills (PDF)
Tell Me About Yourself (PDF)

(See Events Calendar for complete list.)

Career Resource Center

Open year around Monday—Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.