Work-Study Overview

The Work-Study Program is designed to assist with the costs of a college education by making part-time jobs available for students. Students have the opportunity to work for funds needed to attend college to study—hence the name of the program. The term Work-Study does not imply that students literally study while on the job—and students should not feel entitled to do so. Rather, Work-Study jobs afford wonderful opportunities to develop skills and to gain insights into career interests. Since Work-Study is an integral part of many Pacific students' campus experience, and so replete with educational potential, the Career Development Center is dedicated to helping students to derive the maximum educational benefits from the program.

Work-Study is awarded to students by the Office of Financial Aid and is redeemed as wages for work performed in qualifying jobs. Work-Study jobs can be located on campus, in local non-profit organizations, and in governmental or community service agencies. Students are encouraged to choose jobs that will complement their educational and career goals. With the variety of jobs available, the opportunities to develop skills, gain experience, and explore interests are plentiful. It is our goal to help students embrace these opportunities as they formulate and pursue their vision of career success.

For quick answers to common questions about the program, the following Work-Study FAQ is available in Chapman Hall or for download here.

Work Study FAQ.pdf


For complete information, obtain a copy of the Work-Study Student Participation Manual in Chapman Hall or for download here.

Work Study Student Participation Manual.pdf


Testimonials from Community Service Work Study Students

"I plan on working with children and adolescents as a clinical psychologist. Being exposed to this group during this job greatly helps my ability to effectively communicate with these age groups."

Paul Christensen

Library Media Assistant

Forest Grove High School

"I am totally enjoying myself.   I feel like, even though this is work and I am getting paid to do this, I am really making a difference in these kids' lives.   It's rewarding to see them progress and learn."

Elizabeth Houghton


I Have a Dream Foundation