Navajo Service Learning




Navajo Service Learning in Arizona is a sponsored program and a service-learning class during the January term.  It combines learning gained through service and cultural activities in the Navajo community with academic knowledge from readings, discussions, and videos.  During the experience, Pacific students stay at the boarding school in Lukachukai, Arizona. For the community service aspect, the group is divided into two teams.  One team assists in the boarding school classrooms and the other chops wood for elders who live in remote houses throughout the countryside.

Cultural experiences may include sweat lodge, traditional dances and ceremonies, visits with Navajo elders, traditional meals and activities.  Also there are opportunities for hikes to ancient sites and in the beautiful canyon lands.  Past participants have characterized this program as a life-changing experience.  The class is Navajo Community Service Learning, PSJ 230, for 2 credits, and it satisfies Pacific's Civic Engagement and Diverse and International Perspectives Cornerstone requirements.