Paper Reduction on Campus

The following ideas are intended to help you reduce paper use on campus.

Email signature suggestions to encourage paper reduction:

  1. Reduce, reuse, recycle
  2. Do I really need to print this email?
  3. Can I double-side?
  4. Print this on scrap paper (if you need) and make my day!
  5. Did you order green today?
  6. Please use both sides.
  7. Save resources, save money.

Prompts Available:

"Place Scrap Paper Blank Side Down"

"Place Scrap Paper Blank Side Up"

Top 10 things Faculty Can Do to Reduce Paper

  1. Provide language in your syllabus regarding electronic copies or double siding.
  2. Use 10pt. font in creating documents.
  3. Make your top and bottom margins 0.5 in (and right and left too).
  4. Use scrap paper for class handouts.
  5. Send students handouts/assignments electronically.
  6. When sending print jobs to service center, request printing on scrap jobs.
  7. Ask your office administrator to fill one tray with non-confidential scrap paper for reuse.
  8. Use course reserves in the library instead of making copies for all students.
  9. Encourage students to reuse paper on draft copies.
  10. Save all non-confidential one sided paper for reuse.


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