Recycling on Campus


At Pacific we use the commingled recycling system. Acceptable items include:

Common contaminants found on campus:


Please do NOT place these items in recycling bins on campus.

If you need a commingled or glass bin or recycling signs or stickers, please contact Doug Martin, 503-352-2132.


*Chad Toomey of the Outback has volunteered to take Styrofoam to a local recycling center-please send bagged Styrofoam blocks to him in the Outback.

**Packing peanuts can be reused by local shipping outlets-the UPS store across from campus will take clean peanuts.

***These are refilled and remanufactured separately through UIS or Office Depot (send through intercampus mail to UIS).

Prompts Available:

"Can You Recycle That?"