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Partnerships in Community Based Education to Promote Health of

Older Adults in Nicaragua

AOTA Poster

Interdisciplinary Approach to Health Care for Elders in Nicaragua: Rebecca Reisch and Kelli Shaffer

ASAHP Poster

Health Promotion for Elders in Nicaragua: A Community Based Rehabilitation Approach: Tiffany Boggis and Amber Black

WFOT Poster

Development of a Study Abroad Elective Course for Pharmacy Students: Sarah White

AACP Poster



Alcaldía Municipal de Granada (2011)

Awarded by the mayor of Granada to Pacific University College of Health Professions in recognition of the deans/directors, faculty, staff and students for their on-going service and contribution to the promotion of health and wellness for older adults in Granada.


Jenzabar Foundation: Community Service & Humanitarianism Award (2009)

AwardedBest in Class” for exceptional work in the area of community service, an honor that drew nearly 150 nominations from institutions across the United States.

El Nuevo Diaro (Jan 6, 2009) Ancianitos Granadinos Recebin Asistencia Médica

Recognized in one of the national Nicaraguan newspapers for our work to promote improved health for elders in Nicaragua.


Pacific University (various years)

Pacific University has recognized and supported the work of the College of Health Professions Nicaragua initiative through a Berglund fellowship, a faculty education development grant, and a Faith Gablenick award with the aim to facilitate on-going efforts to promote interdisciplinary international education of health professional students and the improved health and well-being of elders in Nicaragua.

Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) (2012.13)

CNCS recognizes higher education institutions that reflect the values of exemplary community service and achieve meaningful outcomes for their communities. CNCS named Pacific University to the President's Community Service Honor Roll commending the University for multiple exemplary projects the institution undertook with specific mention of the Nicaragua initiative.