Packing and Travel Tips

Packing and Travel Tips

Participants are allowed a maximum of one piece of carry-on luggage. Checked baggage is filled with donated items. Check with the airline to determine the parameters and restrictions for carry-on luggage and pack accordingly. Below is a list of required and suggested items to pack accompanied by some useful travel tips.

Must have:


Highly Suggested




Other notes



Weather conditions in the winter in Nicaragua range from warm (80s to 90s and dry) to cool (low 70s) and rainy. Check the Nicaraguan weather forecast for the cities where you plan to stay for a few weeks prior to travel and pack accordingly.



Food and Water


Establishing Rapport With Elders

Consider bringing family photos (avoid photos that give the appearance of wealth). Brush up on names of family members in Spanish. Consider bringing a small USA map to show elders where you live. Talk of home and family is a good way to make a friend.