Faculty Roles and Responsibilities

Each faculty member should become familiar with the guidelines and procedures outlined in the University Graduate and Professional Handbook for International Travel and the University Crises Response Plan.


Student Screening Process


___ Submit Nicaragua Application Form (with your signature indicating approval)

___ Submit syllabus for the course in which student will receive credit

___ Results of Spanish language screening (if required by your School)


Student Forms and Documentation

Obtain the following completed forms from participating students (Note: participating faculty and supervisors must also complete all forms).

___ Proof of Insurance Form

___ Traveler Information Page

___ Self-Disclosure Medical/Disability Discussion Page

___ International Travel Contract

___ Exception Form for Travel Warning (if applicable)

___ Checklist


In addition, obtain the following documentation from participating students (Note: also required of participating faculty and supervisors).

___ copy of passport (and visa if necessary)

___ proof of medical insurance and travel insurance

___ proof of required immunizations

___ copy of flight itinerary

___ signed travel class budget form

Student Preparation

Be sure that students complete the following: (Note: also required of participating faculty and supervisors).  

___ Read the Graduate and Professional Handbook for International Travel

___ Are provided with and read the University Crises Response Plan

___ Implement strategies to improve or refine Spanish language skills prior to       travel

___ Educate oneself about the host country

___ Orientation to the specific study abroad expectations, health and safety for       travel, and what to pack

___ Become knowledgeable in how to participate in donation-gathering and

      fundraising activities


Re-Entry Student Requirements


Upon return to the home country, be sure that students:

___ Complete a Course and Trip Evaluation Form

___ Are provided with opportunity to debrief and formally share their experience       with others