Pacific University College of Education: Advanced Programs

   Advanced Programs, as described below, are primarily intended for licensed educators who wish to continue their development as professionals in the field of education.

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Master of Education

   Program for candidates, typically licensed teachers, who desire to deepen their expertise. Candidates can specialize in one of the following: Reading Specialist, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Talented and Gifted, Technology, Cultural Competency, or Special Education. In addition, candidates can earn an Oregon Continuing Teaching License as part of the degree.
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Continuing Teaching License Program

   Part-time program for practicing teachers who have completed a bachelor's degree and wish to add a Master of Education degree, or who hold a master's degree and an initial license and choose to move to the Continuing Teaching License.

Initial II License Program

   Part-time program for practicing teachers who have completed a bachelor's and/or a master's degree, hold an initial license, and choose to renew their initial license at the required intervals rather than move to a Continuing Teaching License.

Non-Degree Programs

   Part-time programs for practicing teachers holding an initial license who wish to add authorizations and endorsements.

Certificate Programs

   Talented and Gifted (TAG) Education - part-time program for teachers, counselors, and parents who wish to learn more about meeting the needs of gifted children.

   Technology Learning – part-time program for teachers and others who are interested in learning how to effectively integrate technology into their professional practice and better support learning communities with their students.

   Cultural Competence - part-time program for teachers, counselors, school support staff, and community members who wish to engage in dialogue and learn more about issues of diversity in our schools.

Endorsements & Certificates

Subject area endorsements may be added to current Initial or Continuing Teaching Licenses. Endorsements may be added by a combination of coursework and supervised practica, in a variety of subject areas.
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Master of Arts in Education / Curriculum Studies

The Master of Arts in Education/Curriculum Studies allows graduate students to pursue a rigorous, interdisciplinary program in the foundations of education. This degree is suited primarily for the experienced teacher or the liberal arts degree holder who wishes to develop expertise in curriculum development, teaching practices, and program evaluation.
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Master of Education / Visual Function in Learning

The MEd/VFL program, in cooperation with the College of Optometry, enables optometrists to specialize in visual problems as they relate to reading and the learning process of children. Candidates must hold or be working toward the professional terminal degree in optometry.
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