Professional Teaching License Program

The Professional Teaching License (PTL) program is designed to enable practicing teachers to develop and document advanced competence in meeting the education needs of individual students within a collaborative learning community. The program is available to experienced teachers who have completed bachelor's and/or master's degrees, hold an Oregon Initial Teaching License, and have taught for five years of at least half-time or more.

Programs must be completed within 6 years. Authorizations may be added in early childhood education, elementary education, middle school education, and high school education. Endorsements may be added in the following subject areas: art, business, drama, ESOL, world languages (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish), health, language arts, marketing, mathematics (basic and advanced), music, physical education, reading specialist, science (biology, chemistry, integrated science, and physics), social studies, and special education. To earn an endorsement in Chinese, Russian or Japanese, see requirements under MAT Fifth-Year Program.

Course Requirements

The Professional Teaching License program is designed to meet the needs of two populations of teachers: those who fulfilled the requirements for an Initial Teaching License in an undergraduate program and wish to earn a master's degree, and those who fulfilled the requirements for an Initial Teaching License in a MAT program. The curriculum varies for each population.

Curriculum for the MEd program for candidates holding an Initial Teaching License and bachelor's degree

Section The Foundation Core Credit Hrs
EDUC-670 Introduction to Professional Inquiry
EDUC-671 The Scholarship of Teaching
EDUC-674 Planning the Inquiry Project
EDUC-675 Completing the Inquiry Project
One Technology Course: EDUC-682 Technology Enhanced Learning Environments (2cr) recommended. An alternative course will be accepted upon approval of the program advisor.
Note: Any candidate not adding an endorsement or authorization as part of a MEd program will need to take at least one class related to curriculum/curriculum development and one class dealing with differentiation as electives. Listed below are suggested courses:
Specialization Core - Continuing Professional Development
The required courses for each of the Specialization Core areas are listed in the Endorsement and Certificate Program sections. In some cases, candidates have an opportunity to add some electives into their Specialization Core area.
EDUC-625 Portfolio Development
EDUC-686 Portfolio Presentation
Elective Courses
EDUC-611 Meeting the Needs of All Learners
EDUC-616 School and Community Leadership
EDUC-660 Advanced Teaching and Learning
Total credits required for MEd

Curriculum for the license only program for candidates holding an Initial Teaching License and master’s degree from a MAT program

Section Deepening Knowledge for Practice, Developing Knowledge in Practice, and Advancing Knowledge of the Field of Education Credit Hrs
Candidates will elect 4 credits of study in subject content, endorsement content, teaching pedagogy, and/or teacher research practices.
Continuing Professional Development
EDUC-625 Portfolio Development
EDUC-628 Portfolio Presentation
Total credits required for PTL

Professional Portfolio

Whether as part of the Master of Education degree or as a post-master’s program, the capstone experience for candidates obtaining the Professional Teaching License is the development of the Professional Portfolio. The Professional Portfolio will provide candidates for the Professional Teaching License the opportunity to document the required advanced competencies. It will also serve as the basis for determining whether or not the candidate will be recommended to TSPC for the Professional Teaching License.

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