Master of Arts in Education / Curriculum Studies Program

The Master of Arts in Education allows candidates to pursue a rigorous interdisciplinary program in the foundations of education. This degree is suited primarily for international students, experienced teachers, and liberal arts degree holders who wish to develop expertise in curriculum development, teaching practices, and program evaluation. The MAE does not satisfy requirements for teaching licensure in Oregon.

Academic Procedures

Upon admission into the graduate program, the candidate will be assigned a faculty advisor to assist in designing the planned program of study. This planned program must be approved by the advisor and the Dean of the College of Education before the end of the first semester following admission. Meetings should be scheduled with advisors at least once a year.

Many MAE courses are available through Pacific University's summer, evening, and weekend classes. Special classes and workshops are also available. Candidates may also enroll in upper-division courses offered during the regular school year if instructors agree to offer the courses for graduate credit. All grades must be C or above to be credited to a graduate degree; C- is not acceptable.


Candidates complete, within a 6-year period, a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate courses in individual planned programs, which include the following: Credit Hrs
  Professional Education Coursework
  Liberal Arts Coursework
EDUC-670 Introduction to Professional Inquiry
EDUC-671 The Scholarship of Teaching
EDUC-674 Planning the Inquiry Project
EDUC-675 Completing the Inquiry Project

Research Project

The capstone experience is a research project through which candidates have an opportunity to synthesize professional education, scholarly activities, and creative endeavors. Guided by University faculty mentors, candidates complete the project and give oral presentations.

Admissions Information

Application Requirements
Graduate Online Application


Contact Person: Diana Watkins, Associate Director of Graduate & Professional Admissions
Phone: 503-352-1435

Contact Person: Krisha Hall, Admissions Counselor and Data Manager
Phone: 503-352-1436