Transferring with an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree (AAOT)

The AAOT serves multiple functions when transferring to Pacific University. An AAOT posted to your transcript affords junior status for financial aid purposes; at least a $1000 difference. An AAOT automatically completes most of Pacific University’s core requirements with the exception of the foreign language requirement.

It is possible to complete the requirements for an AAOT and, combined with the semester hours at Pacific University, still be short of the 124 semester credits required for graduation. This is due primarily to the transfer equivalencies of a quarter and a semester system. Please see a Pacific University advisor if you have concerns regarding your credit status.

Transferring to Semester Hours

Pacific University operates under a semester system. If the institution you have previously attended operates on a quarter system, please note the transfer equivalencies associated with going from quarter hours to semester hours. The chart below illustrates this:

Quarter Hours
Semester Hours

While an AAOT meets most core requirements, not all courses meeting the requirements for an AAOT transfer to Pacific University. This is particularly true with coursework in technical programs. For example, coursework in study skills and/or college preparation will not transfer. Please consult with a Pacific University advisor before registering for a course if you are unsure of its transfer status.

All courses transferring with the intent of fulfilling a Pacific University requirement, comparative culture for example, must be taken for a grade with the exception of a course that is only offered as a pass/no pass. Verification from the awarding institution is required in this instance including the notation that a pass is equivalent to a C- or above. Pass/no pass courses can transfer as general education courses to assist in attaining the 124 semester hours required for graduation. Physical Education courses cannot exceed 8 semester hours (12 quarter hours).

It is not guaranteed that field experience credits will be transferred in to Pacific. This requirement varies by institution. Please check with an advisor if you have field experience credits you wish to transfer.