Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

   This minor in TESOL equips undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) on the Forest Grove campus with knowledge and skills necessary for teaching English as a second or foreign language. The minor is available to students who are majoring in any discipline. The TESOL minor program prepares students for teaching English overseas and in various educational settings. Those who wish to enter a graduate degree program in TESOL will build a strong foundation in this field of discipline. This minor does not lead to an endorsement in ESOL at K-12 unless students are already admitted to the undergraduate initial teaching licensure program in the College of Education.


Language and Cultural Competency Requirements
This requirement can be fulfilled by choosing option 1 or 2 below:

  1. Language courses (12 credits) : FREN, CHIN, SPAN, GERN, JAPN 101, 102, and 201
  2. Foreign language proficiency equivalent to FREN, CHIN, SPAN, GERN, JAPN 201 and one of the language or cultural studies courses from the following list (4 credits):
    • FREN, CHIN, SPAN, GERN, JAPN Language course (202 or above)
    • ANTH/MUS 241 Intro to World Music
    • ARTHI 273 Art and Architecture of China
    • ARTHI 274 Art and Architecture of Japan
    • ARTHI 275 Art and Architecture of India
    • HIST 111 Foundations of East Asia
    • HIST 112 East Asia
    • HIST 113 Islamic Middle East
    • HIST 211 Japan Past and Present
    • HIST 212 China Past and Present
    • HIST 213 Vietnam and U.S.
    • POLS/HIST 239 Latin America
    • HIST 315 Modern Japan
    • HIST 316 China from Mao to Tiananmen
    • HUM 204 Chinese Cultural Study
    • HUM 205 Japanese Culture
    • HUM 206 Latin America
    • HUM 305 West Meets East
    • PSJ 225 Middle East
    • PHIL 305 Asian Philosophy
    • POLS 231 Contemporary Middle East
    • WORRL 365 Teaching Language and Culture in Elementary School

TESOL Core Course Requirement (11 credits)

Section TESOL Core Course Requirement Credit Hrs
ESOL-444 Educational Linguistics for ESOL Teachers
ESOL-460 Foundations of ESOL Methods
ESOL-464 ESOL Methods, Assessment, and Technology
ESOL-450 Cultural Constructs and Diversity in ESOL Education*
EDUC-453 Literacy and English-Language Learners*
*ESOL 450 or EDUC 453 may be waived for those who take a study abroad course that is approved by the ESOL Program Coordinator in the College of Education. Note: eight hours of upper division credits are required for the minor.

Total TESOL Minor Credits (Language and Cultural Competency Requirements and TESOL Core Requirements): 15-23 Credits**

**Credits required for TESOL minor vary depending on the student’s foreign language competency.

Those who wish to earn a minor in TESOL should consult with the TESOL minor advisor, Catherine Kim, to plan their course of study.

Students completing the TESOL minor at Pacific should be in at least junior standing and must complete all courses with a grade of C or better.

For More Information

Contact Person: Diana Watkins, Assistant Director of Graduate & Professional Admissions
Email: teach@pacificu.edu
Phone: 503-352-1435

Contact Person: Catherine Kim, ESOL program coordinator
Email: catherinekim@pacificu.edu
Phone: 503-352-1459