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Nancy Meltzoff

Nancy Meltzoff
Professor of Education

   Dr. Meltzoff has extensive experience in multicultural education, diversity training, writing pedagogy and student teacher supervision. A former middle school language arts teacher, she has a research interest in the development of classroom communities.



Enhancing Cultural Competence Through Simulation Activities describes the use of the Culture Exchange and other simulation activities for developing cultural competence.

Relationship, The Fourth "R": The Development of a Classroom Community -
Describes ten strands of classroom communities, and gives examples from a kindergarten classroom.

Voices of the Skin is a poem written about experiencing a DanceAbility workshop, learning contact improvisational dance with people who have different physical abilities and disabialities.

Clean Little Secrets: Avoiding the Language of Energy Work deals with teachers who use intuitive practices with their students.

Use Another Word -
Tells about one high school's campaign to reduce disrespectful language.

Truthful Dialogue -
Explores truthful dialogue as a means of developing cultural competence. The article describes a year-long conflict which occured in a teacher education cohort.

Jumping Off Cliffs - Follows the path of a student with ADD.


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