Part III: Evidence for Meeting Each Standard

Standard Two: Assessment System and Unit Evaluation

Pacific University has a comprehensive assessment system that collects and analyzes data on applicant qualifications, candidate and graduate performance, and unit operations. The processes and results are reviewed annually, and refined as needed. The description of the assessment system provided in this section represents current implementation as well as future plans for assessment at Pacific University. The evidence documented in this section will support the claim that Pacific University meets Standard Two.

Element Three: Use of Data for Program Improvement

Pacific University’s College of Education regularly and systematically uses data for program improvement by utilizing assessment methods that provide meaningful data and data analyses which lead to clearer understanding of relationships. Careful study of assessment methods—their value, their efficiency, and their potential outcomes—has been a major focus in recent years.

Data-Driven Model for Improvement of Course, Program and Unit Operations

A formalized process has been established so that we now undertake careful and periodic review of programs, procedures, and data-collection instruments. The process generally begins at the committee level, is reviewed by the Dean and the Dean’s council, and proceeds to full faculty discussion in order to achieve consensus. Currently faculty are involved in discussions around program re-design (curriculum and course changes). In the past three years, major modifications have been made to candidate assessment instruments. The data-collection system has been designed, implemented and refined since the decision was made to seek NCATE accreditation.

Below are recent examples of data-driven curriculum and program changes as a result of evaluating the data collected by the COE Assessment System: