Pacific Woodburn STEM MAT

Master of Arts in Teaching STEM and ESOL

Become a middle and high school math and/or science (STEM) teacher at Pacific University's National Science Foundation-funded Woodburn Clinical Teaching site

  • Become a teacher in an 12 month exclusive STEM teaching cohort alongside the passionate students, teachers, and faculty of the Pacific University Woodburn Campus, located in the heart one of Oregon's fastest growing and most diverse communities (30 minutes from both downtown Portland and Salem).
  • Qualify for a $21,940 National Science Foundation Pacific ELSTEM Scholarship to become part of the future of STEM teaching
  • Earn your Master of Arts in Teaching STEM with science, math, and English and language learning (ESOL) endorsements

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For detailed information about Pacific Woodburn STEM MAT, contact Director Dr. Kevin Carr (

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I want to reaffirm what a great program Pacific designed. The more meetings I'm involved with, and the more "new teacher support" I receive from my district, the more I'm convinced you prepared us very, very well. I am continually in situations where I see new teachers flounder with issues we covered all year, including literacy, sheltered instruction, learning communities and differentiation. It's nice to know that with as many challenges as every teacher continually faces, there are some I'm either not struggling through, or not stressed out about, because I have been so well prepared.
--Sarah, Woodburn STEM MAT Alum

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Important Dates


Time and Location

July 2014

Applications Open for June 2015 Start

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February 1, 2015 or until program fills

Applications Close

June 22-26, 2015

Woodburn STEM MAT Retreat

Silver Falls State Park Conference Center

12-month Woodburn ELSTEM MAT Curriculum

Summer Semester Credit Hrs
ESTM-504 Nature and Role of Culture, Language, and Self-Identity
ESTM-570 School, Society & Language Policy
ESTM-561 Advanced Human Development and Psychology
ESTM-601 STEM/ESOL Teacher as Researcher I
ESOL-544 Educational Linguistics
  Fall Semester  
ESTM-573 Supervised Practicum (Serving in classrooms M-F)
ESTM-505 Diversity, Cultural Groups, Language, and Identity
ESTM-537 Technology Across the STEM Curriculum
ESTM-538 STEM Pedagogy and Curriculum
ESTM-526 Foundations of STEM & ESOL Teaching
ESTM-541 STEM Literacy & ELL
  Spring Semester  
ESTM-506 Creating Language Learning Communities
ESTM-602 STEM/ESOL Teacher as Researcher II
ESTM-575 Student Teaching and ESOL Practicum


Kevin Carr, Pacific University Professor of Science Education,
Diana Watkins, Associate Director of Graduate & Professional Programs,