Student Placement Request Information - Forest Grove Campus

   There are two electronic forms you need to complete and submit to the College of Education. These forms must be completed before field placements can be arranged for you, and are required for your continuance in the program.

To complete these forms, please do as follows…

  1. Click on each form.
  2. The forms will download to your computer.
  3. Fill out forms as directed above.
  4. Rename and save completed forms.

Save the forms as: 

To submit these forms…

Candidate Resume Information Form (MS Word Doc)

This will be sent to schools and functions both as your resume and our request for a placement for you.

  • It is important to make a positive impression on paper, and to present your qualifications professionally and clearly.
  • Please limit the length of this form to one page.
  • You may skip the “type of placement” section of the form.

Candidate Placement Information Form (MS Word Doc)

  • This communicates your placement preferences and concerns to us.
  • This form will not be sent to schools.
  • Use this to communicate any geographic preference or district contacts you may have which may help us in our search for a placement for you.

   If you have any questions as you fill out these documents, please contact Jennifer Bridgewater,