Clinical Education Manual

Chapter 1 - Preparation for the Class of 2016

Overview (pdf)

  • Clinical Site Evaluation
  • Support and Development of Clinical Sites
  • Student Requirement
  • Process of Internship Assignments
  • Clinical Education Schedule
  • Internship Policy
  • Professional Behaviors (pdf) additional information 
  • Professional Dress

Chapter 2 - Syllabi and Objectives

Clinical Education Summary and Syllabi (pdf)

Chapter 3 - Student Forms and Clinical Site Contact Information

Student Profile Form ​(pdf)
Clinical Site Nomination Guidelines ​(pdf)
Clinical Site Nomination Form (pdf)
Instructions for Contacting Clinical Sites (pdf)
Student Evaluation of Clinical Experience (pdf)
Internship Checklist (pdf)
CI-Student Hours Worked (pdf)

Chapter 4 - FAQs About Clinical Assignments

FAQs About Clinical Assignments (pdf)

Chapter 5 - References

References (pdf)