Academic Resources

Students working together

Undergraduate students at Pacific University complete an academic program designed not only to prepare students for further study or careers in their field of choice, but also to give students a foundation in the liberal arts.

In addition to choosing between a variety of majors and minors, the undergraduate curriculum at Pacific University includes core requirements designed to introduce students to the college experience, provide a broad introduction to the liberal arts, ensure basic skills, and explore the cornerstone values of the university, including civic engagement, international perspectives, research and creative achievement, and future focus.

Students also may choose to enhance their academic experience with fellowship or research opportunities, internships, and international travel.

The Advising Center helps students get started by assessing their interests and helping students identify a major, an adviser, and focal studies paths. 

Undergraduates are paired with academic advisers to help them navigate and make the most of their academic experience. The Tutoring and Learning Center provides qualified student tutors in a number of subjects and courses for undergraduates. And, Learning Support Services is available to assist students with disabilities in receiving accommodations to meet their needs.