Political Economy

The Political Economy Focal Study explores the interaction of the economy and the larger society, including the interaction of economics,politics and social issues.


Complete at least three courses and a minimum of 10 credits. No more than two of these courses may have the same disciplinary prefix.

Complete one course from the first cluster and two courses from the second cluster.

First Cluster (complete 1 course)

ECON 101

Economics of Social Issues

4 credits

ECON 102

Economics of Markets & Governments

4 credits

Second Cluster (complete 2 courses)

ENV 333

Environmental Economics

4 credits

ECON 329

International Economics

4 credits

HIST/IS 318 Capitalism and Culture in East Asia 4 credits

HIST 343

Industrialization, Labor and the State

4 credits

HIST 368

The 1990s: Origins of the Current Crisis

4 credits

HIST 369

Get Rich! Wealth in American History

4 credits

POLS 310

Markets, Politics, & Justice

4 credits

POLS 345

International Political Economy

4 credits

SOC 342

Consumer Society

4 credits

SOC 347/PSJ 347

Global Capitalism/Neo-Colonial Inequality

4 credits