Science for Educators

In this focal study, students learn about the scientific endeavor by studying the specific content, concepts and methods of a particular field of science as well as the historical or philosophical framework of Science. Together with an introduction to Education, this serves as a foundation for science education. Education and Learning majors would find particular advantage in this focal study since they will be helping to teach general sciences in their future classrooms.


Complete at least three courses and a minimum of 10 credits. No more than two of these courses may have the same disciplinary prefix.

Complete one course from the first cluster and two courses (minimum of 8 credits) from the second cluster.

First Cluster (complete 1 course)
EDUC 260 Foundations of Education 2 credits
EDUC 308 Learning Communities I: Personal Aware 2 credits
EDUC 370 School and Society 2 credits
Second Cluster (complete 2 courses)
BIOL 160 Selected Topics for Non-Science Majors 2-4 credits
BIOL 170 Human Genetics 4 credits
BIOL 202 General Biology I 4 credits
CHEM 110 Chemistry and Your Environment 2 credits
CHEM 220 General Chemistry I 4 credits
ENV 200 Introduction to Environmental Science 4 credits
PHIL 310 Philosophy of Science 4 credits
PHY 110 Physics of Everyday Phenomena 4 credits
PHY 202 Introductory Physics I 4 credits
PHY 232 General Physics I--Workshop Physics I 4 credits
SCI 170 Introduction to Astronomy 4 credits
SCI 172 Introduction to Cosmology 2 credits