Sustainability: Economic and Political Perspectives

These courses explore matters related to sustainability from various perspectives from natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.


Complete at least three courses and a minimum of 10 credits. No more than two of these courses may have the same disciplinary prefix.

Complete at least one course from each cluster.

First Cluster (complete 1 course)

ECON 101

Economics of Social Issues

4 credits

ECON 102

Economics of Markets & Governments

4 credits

Second Cluster (complete 1 course)
POLS 224/ENV 224 Environmental Politics 4 credits
POLS 310 Markets, Politics & Justice 4 credits
Third Cluster (complete 1 course)
ENV 142 Permaculture: Design Science 4 credits
ENV 200 Introduction of Environmental Science 4 credits
ENV 222 Environmental Literature 4 credits
PHIL/ENV 321 Environmental Ethics 4 credits
PHY 160/ENV 160 Energy and the Environment 4 credits