Undergraduate Research

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Pacific Undergraduate Research Program: Opportunities for Student Exploration

The central idea behind the program's purpose is that a special synergy occurs when undergraduate students and faculty bring their combined curiosity together in a creative endeavor. The faculty members bring well-honed skills and experience while the students bring a fresh perspective and enthusiasm. Some of the results of these student and faculty collaborations are shown below. Follow the links in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page to see more examples and to find information about how to get involved. Recent students discussing their work.

Why We Focus on Research

  • We recognize that research and creative activity invigorates, animates and enhances teaching
  • We know that some of the of most effective teaching takes place in the laboratory and in the field
  • We see a benefit in bringing students and faculty together to examine historical works
  • We know that together we produce original work that animates and advances our disciplines

How Research Takes Shape

  • We provide opportunities for undergraduate students and faculty to collaboratively engage in research and creative activities
  • Students who successfully apply for summer research receive a $3,500 stipend to work
  • Students and faculty collaborate on research primarily during the summer months
  • Most of the research is done in faculty research spaces
  • Students team up with a faculty member for 10 weeks on collaborative research projects
  • Some students and faculty members do field work or go to other sites in order to do their research