Parent Committee Chairpersons

* Open - Need chair/co-chairperson(s)

State Coordinators - Gregg & Be-Jay Kodama

Parent Coordinators - Vivian & Allen Murayama

Island Coordinators - Hawai'i- Kona: Carol Yamamoto & Ira Yamagata 

                                                 - Hilo: Cheryl Kuroda

                                     Kaua'i- Gerald & Mia Ako


Cargo Pickup/Delivery - Donny Maa

Concessions - Waynell Hee-Goodman

Costumes - Miri Inokuchi

Country Store - Paul Navarro

Decorations- Dawn Ishii

Flowers/Greenery - 

Donations/Thank You -  Diane Shizuru, Lydia Yee

Food/Logistics/Parent Volunteers -  Chad Yamamoto

Leis/Floral - Pat Pimental

Lu'au DVD - Dawn Murata

Name Tags/Welcome - Carol Tominaga, Judy Dang

Packing Day- 

Quality Control- 

Refreshments- Ron & Iris Arakaki, Stuart & Suelynn Chang

Seniors' Leis -

T-Shirts - Kelly Zablan

Tickets/Travel Information- Kelly Zablan



MAHALO to all our 'ohana above for "jumping on board." As you can see, we still need more help. If you are interested in being a committee chairperson or co-chair, please let us know. It would be great to complete this list with your names to share with the Club. Co-chairing is always welcomed to!