Faculty and Staff

"The most important characteristic for faculty members is to care deeply about the quality of the learning process and be committed to helping students succeed."

Lisa J. Rowley, CDA, RDH, MS

Program Director


Administrative Staff

Lisa J. Rowley CDA, RDH, MS

Program Director

Leah Baldwin

Assistant Director of Graduate & Professional Admissions

Janine Vuylsteke

Manager of Dental

Administrative Services

Maria Deming

Manager of Clinic Operations


Sara Tapia-Guillen

Dental Services Coordinator



Gail L. Aamodt RDH, MS

Associate Professor &
Clinical Education Coordinator

Amy E. Coplen RDH, MS

Assistant Professor

Kathryn Bell RDH, MS

Assistant Professor



Pam Kawasaki RDH, MBA

Associate Professor

Shawna D. Rohner RDH, MS

Assistant Professor

Kristen Thomas RDH, BSDH


Kathryn Moore RDH, MS

Assistant Professor

Alison Santoro RDH, BSDH


Wilber Ramirez-Rodriguez RDH, BSDH



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