Staff Senate

Upcoming Events

Challenging Conversations to Have with Aging Parents
Presented by Dr. Amanda Stead
January 15, 2015
Berglund LL19, Forest Grove Campus
Snacks provided

Boxer Boost

Sponsored by Staff Senate and Aramark

Join with other staff for a coffee break on the Third Thursday of the month between 3 p.m. to  4 p.m., October through May. (Dates TBD)

There will be coffee and light refreshments. Details on dates and locations will be announced this fall. There will be Staff Senators at each Boxer Boost, allowing you to learn more about Staff Senate as well as offer suggestions for future activities and events.


Skillbuilder Sessions— the Staff Senate Professional Development Committee has been hard at work organizing Skillbuilder Sessions.  These sessions are opportunities for all staff to learn more about tools to make your work life easier.  Our goal is that you walk away from each Skillbuilder Session with at least one practical, usable skill to add to your toolbox. Please click "Suggestion Box" above if you have ideas for future Skillbuilders.

January 2012 Vault Training (pdf on Vault)

September 2012 Excel Training

Interested in hosting your own Staff Senate Skillbuilder? Complete a Request for Proposal, telling us about the Skill Builder you would like to present. For more details, contact

We look forward to learning from you! 

The Staff Senate serves as the official representative body of the University staff community by actively participating in campus governance.  The Staff Senate shall foster a spirit of unity and cooperation, providing representation of non-faculty personnel in coordination with the faculty and student governing bodies.  The Staff Senate shall also provide a forum for the exchange of information between members of the staff, administration, faculty and students.

—from the University Handbook

Suggestion Box

Staff Senate exists to serve you.  We care about the quality of your life relative to campus and the larger global community.  We are committed to openness, collaboration and inclusiveness.  Any issues or concerns you have are welcomed by the Staff Senate.  Email us any time at

Suggestion Updates (available as pdfs on Vault):

Staff Senate Year in Review

Summary of 2013-2014 Staff Senate Activities (pdf on vault)
Summary of 2012-2013 Staff Senate Activities (pdf on vault)
Summary of 2011-2012 Staff Senate Activities (pdf on vault)
Summary of 2010-2011 Staff Senate Activities (pdf on vault)
Summary of 2008-2009 Staff Senate Activities (pdf on vault)