Committees and Representatives

Opportunities for staff representation on Staff Senate committees and University Committees are available; contact or the Chair of the committee if you'd like to participate in campus governance.

Governance Structure

Shared University Governance Structure Chart 

Staff Professional Development Committee

Chair: Lauren Esbensen

Co-chair: Megan Rice

This committee assists Human Resources in providing and preparing staff development workshops and seminars; explores opportunities for staff to build strong and productive relationships across the campus community; and assists with the following endeavors:

  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Management Development Series (HR)
  • Brown Bag Forums
  • Technology Training
  • Potential Staff Scholarship
  • Staff Professional Development Leave Proposal submissions (forwarded to President’s Cabinet for approval)

These committees are responsible for addressing and improving issues regarding staff morale; promoting staff involvement in governance and organizing social functions. These committees work toward fostering community spirit while conveying appreciation for all non-faculty employees.

The Caring Committee

Chair: Krisha Hall

Responds to staff/family medical crises; acknowledges significant life-changing events like marriage, a new baby and the loss of a loved one; and remembers each staffer on his/her birthday.  To request care for a co-worker, email

The Welcoming Committee

Chair: Cat Marlow

Provides a personalized welcome to each new non-faculty employee; helps newcomers with mentoring and orientation to the greater Pacific community; and, with the support of Aramark Dining Services and the Barnes & Noble @ Pacific bookstore, offers discounts to promote Boxer Spirit.  If you have questions about the Welcoming Committee or would like to volunteer, please email

The Idea Committee

Chair: Tamarra Melick

Organizes social activities such as the Halloween costume competition, the pancake breakfast, canned food drive, and more.  Many events are family-friendly and open to the greater Pacific community or the public at large. Participation is wholly voluntary.  If you have suggestions for events or programs, please contact

    The Communications Committee

    Chair: Derek Naegeli

    The Secretary chairs this committee. This committee enhances communication between the Staff Senate, the staff and the campus community by assisting with the following endeavors:

    • Coordinates publications through minutes, newsletters, listserv, web pages, brochures and publications
    • Promotes and markets the Staff Senate to the campus community and University staff
    • Is responsible for scheduling technology support for all meetings, i.e., video conferencing, language assistance, accessibility concerns, etc.
    • Assists the Executive Council in developing an annual open forum meeting for all university staff members as an opportunity to discuss issues of concern with the Staff Senate

    The Governance Committee

    Chair: Peter Morgan

    The Governance Committee Chair is a member of the Executive Council. This committee will assist with the following endeavors:

    • Manages the integrity of the election process for the positions of the Senators and the Executive Council
    • Monitors all Staff Senate vacancies
    • Reviews the Staff Senate Constitution/Bylaws on an annual basis, recommending needed revisions and/or amendments
    • Ensures that all business conducted at the Staff Senate meetings complies with the Constitution/Bylaws and most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order unless an alternate procedure is described within the governance system
    • Prepares and maintains Staff Senate organizational chart
    • Maintains lists of members serving on the standing committees, university wide committees, and terms of office

    Ad Hoc Committees

    • Ad hoc committees shall be appointed by the Executive Council as needs arise, or as requested by a Standing Committee for special business under the committee’s jurisdiction. Ad hoc committees shall elect a chairperson who will be charged with presenting the issues and responding with the committee’s findings to the Senate.
    • The term of an ad hoc committee shall be determined by the matter under consideration. Following the completion of its task(s), the ad hoc committee will disband.
    • Ad hoc committees shall accept the tasks assigned to the group by the Executive Council; address the item in a responsible and timely manner; and make progress reports on the group’s activities to the Staff Senate, as well as a final report with/without recommendation(s).
    • Membership shall include a minimum of one Senate member.

    University Council Standing Committees

    A minimum of one Senator will be appointed as representative to the standing committees as established by the University Council for staff representation:

    • Finance Committee
    • Diversity Committee
    • Technology Committee
    • Health & Safety Advisory Committee
    • Honors and Awards Committee
    • New committees as developed by the University Council or University President