University Council Committees 2015-2016

The University Council oversees the following University Standing committees. These committees bring proposals for action to the University Council. Chapter 2 of the University Faculty and Governance Handbook lists the details of the committee responsibilities. 

Health and Safety Advisory Committee

Acting Chair: Tracy King |

Judicial Oversight Committee

Chair: TBD

Student Conduct Board

Staff Advisor: Lindsey Blem |

University Diversity Committee

Chair: Rik Lemoncello (2015-16) |

University Finance Committee

Chair: Eva Guggemos (2015-16) |

University Honors and Awards Committee

Chair: Erin Jobst (2015-16) |

University Technology Committee

Chair: Anita Zijdemans-Boudreau (2015-16) |

University Standing Committees Membership 2015-2016