University Council Members 2015-2016

University Council Voting Members

University Council Chair
John Miller, Provost

University Council Vice-Chair
Mike Geraci, University Faculty Chair

University Faculty Chair-Elect
Susan Littlefield

Deans and Directors
Lisa Carstens, Dean College of Arts & Sciences
Jennifer Coyle, Dean College of Optometry
Ann Bar-Gillespie, Vice Provost and Executive Dean College of Health Professions
Leif Gustavson, Dean College of Education
Howard Smith, Founding Dean College of Business
Isaac Gilman, Director of Libraries

Vice President of Enrollment and Student Affairs
Mark Ankeny

Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Will Perkins

Faculty Senate
Lynda Irons, Faculty Senate Chair

Staff Senate
Susan Pedersen, Staff Senate Chair
Lauren Esbensen, Staff Senate Chair-elect

Representative of Student Professional Programs Council
Dave Nyland

Chair of Undergraduate Student Senate
Elona Wilson

Faculty Chairs
Christine Guenther, College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Chair
Nada Lingel, College of Optometry Faculty Chair
Mark Della Paolera, College of Health Professions Faculty Chair
Christine Macfarlane, College of Education Faculty Chair
Gibran Zogbi, College of Business Faculty Chair
Rachel Arkoosh, Libraries Faculty Chair

Alumni Representative
Matt Meyer '75

University Council Non-Voting Members

Mike Mallery, Vice President of Finance and Administration
Cassie Warman, Vice President of University Advancement
Jim Fleming, Chief Information Officer

University Council Executive Committee

Chair of the University Faculty
Chair-elect of the University Faculty
Chair of the Faculty Senate
Chair of the Staff Senate
President of the Undergraduate Student Senate
President of the Professional Programs Council

New Member's Packet 2015-2016