Employees are valued members of the Pacific University community, and Pacific offers a wide range of systems to support the work they do and they way they do it.

The No. 1 resource for our employees is the Office of Human Resources, managing the important day-to-day operations such as hiring, compensation and benefits, that are so important to our staff and faculty members. Campus Public Safety also is a valuable resource to help our employees, as well as our students, remain safe on campus.

In addition, Pacific is always looking for ways to help our employees be more efficient and satisfied in the work they do. University Information Systems provides support for the vast range of technology used by our employees, from computers to phones and more. The Library's Center for Educaiton Technology and Curricular Innovation takes technology a step further, helping faculty integrate new tools and teaching and learning mechanisms into their coursework.

Pacific's many centers and institutes support not only the university's foundational values, such as such as civic engagement, but also the passions of our students, staff and faculty. These centers provide connections with the community, as well as support for faculty research and scholarship. Meanwhile, the university also has mechanisms in place assisting faculty and staff in the development of grant proposals to support broader scholarship and discovery.