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Key Policies

Revised March 2000

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Since the Facilities Office has no definite way of knowing when people are leaving Pacific University, we have established the following methods of issuing and retrieving keys on campus in order to protect the security of the campus buildings.

When authorizing a key, please use the Key Authorization Form. Print the form, fill it out completely, and submit it to the Facilities Office. This includes both your signature and the signature of the building or area manager (see list). Make a copy for yourself and send the form with the person who needs a key to the Facilities Office. The person will be issued the key(s) and a receipt. If the person is a student, please indicate on the form the date when the key is to be returned.

A list of names and keys will be sent to you a week before the month they are due. We will be asking faculty and staff to return the keys to whoever authorized them or directly back to the Facilities Office. You will be responsible for returning these keys to the Facilities Office should they be returned to you.

Students should be reminded to return their keys to our office. All student keys must be collected no later than commencement each year unless a re-authorization is received. If they are not returned, a key charge will be added to their account.

Keys identified with staff or faculty not still on the campus will be charged to your department in the amounts of $15.00 per room key, $50.00 per entry door key, and $150.00 per master key or to a room considered high security (i.e. Computer Labs). The department of the supervisor listed on the key form will be held responsible for any keys not collected and returned. These fees will help defray the costs of re-keying when the security of a room or building has been compromised.

Thank you for your assistance. We hope this will help reduce key replacement labor and cost and reduce some of the security problems on campus. Please e-mail the Facilities Office or call EXT. 2213 if you have any questions.

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