Facilities Management

Work Requests

Revised: November 10, 1998

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This system was designed to allow for the efficient utilization of time and manpower by providing a timely response to routine work requests, equipment and furniture moves.


Submit Work Request Forms to the Facilities Office. Here they will be assigned a work order number, entered into the computer system, and prioritized. If an estimate of costs is needed, write this on the Work Request form. Someone from Maintenance will schedule a visit and provide an estimate. If the job is approved, an account number provided by the department authority will be required before any work is begun.

Work requiring alterations, renovations, or moving of office furnishings will require a Project Request form to be completed and submitted (see Project Requests instructions).


For an emergency Work Request (i.e. leaky plumbing, roof leaking, lights not working, graffiti noticed), call 2213 (Facilities Office) providing as much information as possible about the service requested.

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