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Archived Student and Alumni News 2006-2010

William Alton (Poetry, 2006)

  • "Because this Man Turns the Soil" and "Abandoned House," poems in Pregnant Moon Review, 1/23/08

Mahnaz Badihian (Poetry, 2011)

  • "Rooftoppers," a poem in the Huffington Post, Summer 2009
  • Protest of the Pen: An Anthology (in Persian), Summer 2009

Melodie Barker (Poetry, 2010)

  • "Foreclosure Zone," a poem in the online Verse Wisconsin, January/February 2010
  • "Earth Girls Ranch on Mars!" a poem in the online WORK Literary Magazine, October 2009
  • "Cold," a poem in the Deakin University online magazine Windmills, 2009
  • "The Math of Longing," a poem on, Fall 2009
  • "Dead Souls," a poem in Yellow Medicine Review, with guest editor Andreir Guruianu, 2009

Darla Biel (Poetry, 2009)

  • Winner of 2009 South Dakota Poetry Society Ekphrastic Poetry Competition for "An Object Reflects," to be published in Pasque Petals, Fall 2009
  • "Lessons from the Cuttlefish," a poem in Oregon Literary Review, Vol. 4, No. 2, Summer/Fall 2009
  • The Emperor's Daughter, script polishing of 24 episodes of The Pearl Princess, an epic Chinese mini-series, Motion City Films, Santa Monica, Calif., and Shenyang Rock Motion Picture, Shenyang, China
  • Was commissioned by the Heartland Opera Troupe to write a libretto for a children's opera based on Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve's book, The Trickster and The Troll. The commissioned composer, Kristin Kuster, was one of six accepted in the American Opera Projects' program "Composers and the Voice," and will be setting Act 1 of Darla's libretto as part of her work with the AOP.  American Opera Projects will be presenting the first actin October in NYC, and the full opera will be staged at the Performing Arts Center in Brookings, S.D., on Nov. 16, 2008.

Michelle Bitting (Poetry, 2009)

  • Finalist in the Poets and Writers Exchange Contest fo rthe poem "Cool Blue Lens," December 2009
  • Hired to teach poetry in UCLA Extension's Writer's Program, Spring 2010
  • Nominated Best of the Net by diode for the poem, "Meteor"
  • Featured poet, Fall 2009, at PoetryMagazine
  • "Faulkner Farms," a poem published in River Styxx, Winter 2009
  • "My Bukowski Life," "Around Those Houses Up the Hill," and "No Rescue," published in Spillway 2, Winter 2009
  • "Mammary," a poem chosen as a finalist for the Rattle Poetry Prize, 2009
  • "Let's Go Jungle," "The Prodigal's Wife Returns," and "In the Gardens of Esalen," published in Poemeleon, Fall 2009
  • Nominated for a Pushcart Prize for "Just Like That," published Fall 2009 in PoetryBay
  • "Patti Smith," a poem with audio for The Cortland Review, Spring 2009
  • Interview and poems for Rattle Online
  • "Silence Took My Tongue When My Brother Went," a sonnet for Rattle, Fall/Winter 2009
  • "The Town Makes Its Peace Out Here In The Fields" and "Not Three Days Since Those Children Lost Their Lives," two sonnets for Sou'wester, 2009
  • "Flight," a poem for Quercus Review, 2009
  • "Just Like That," a poem for Poetry Bay, 2009
  • "Meteor" and "Persimmon," two poems to appear on Diode, May 2009
  • "Superman" and "Wild Parrots", two poems to be published in Prairie Schooner, 2009
  • "Mother's Day Omen" and "Robertson Boulevard Onramp," poems to be published in Linebreak, Winter 2008
  • "First Do No Harm", a poem to be published in Crab Creek Review, Winter 2008
  • "In Room 242," finalist for the 2008 Mudfish Poetry Prize
  • "Funeral For a Beta Fish," a poem to be published in Siren, 2008
  • "That Summer," a poem to be published in Pebble Lake Review, 2008
  • "The Feeding," a poem featured on Versedaily, 10/13/08: Read the poem.
  • Good Friday Kiss, Michelle Bitting's first, full-length collection, was chosen by Thomas Lux for the De Novo Award and will be published soon by C&R Press.
  • "The Aberfan Series," 4 sonnets for Narrative Magazine, Summer/Fall 2008
  • "If I Could I Would,"  a poem to be published in Many Mountains Moving, Fall/Winter 2008
  • "Twyla," a poem to be published in The Pedestal Magazine, June 2008
  • "Premiere," a poem to be published in The Valparaiso Review, 2008
  • "The Sherpa Called Nawang," a poem to be published in The Long Island Quarterly, 2008
  • Featured on the The Moe Green Poetry Hour on The World Wide Word Radio Networks, March 16, 2008
  • Good Friday Kiss, a book of poetry, won the DeNovo First Book Award (C & R Press), judged by Thomas Lux, 2007
  • "Sweet Pea," a poem to be published in Cider Press Review, Spring 2008
  • "Home Zone," a poem published in Pebble Lake Review, Winter, 2007
  • "Soft Red Skirt" and "Washed in Flame," poems in 2River View, September 2007
  • Named Poet of Distinction by the Florence Poets Society for the poem "Newman's Own" to be published in Silkworm, 2007
  • Nominated by Valparaiso Review for Best of the Net 2007 for the poem "The Exterminator's Wife"
  • Blue Laws, a book of poetry published by Finishing Line Press, 2008
  • "Remains," a poem in Crab Orchard Review, September 2007
  • "4 Sentenced for Smashing Bluebird Houses," a poem in Boxcar Poetry Review, Summer/Fall 2007
  • Finalist, 2007 dA Center for the Arts Poetry Competition for the poem "The Edge"
  • "Strange Flesh," a poem forthcoming in Passages North, Spring/Summer 2008
  • "Anniversary," "Dial O for Oncologist," "Neighbors," three poems in The Smoking Poet, Summer 2007
  • "Be Attitude" and "Pieta," two poems in Blood Orange Review, Summer 2007
  • "Galilee," a poem in The New Verse News, Spring 2007
  • "About Beryl Mercer, Actress," a poem online in Speechless website, 2007
  • Semi-finalist, 2007 Crab Orchard Series in Poetry Open Competition for the book Good Friday Kiss
  • "Sex, Love and Robert DeNiro," short prose in Swink, 2007
  • Finalist, Washington Square Review Prize, for the poem "That Summer," 2007
  • Semi-finalist, Rattle Poetry Prize, for the poem "The Sacrifice," Spring 2007
  • Special Merit Finalist, The Comstock Review, for the poem "Killing Lobsters," Spring 2007
  • Semi-finalist, Elixer Press Poetry Award, for the book Good Friday Kiss, 2007
  • "Water," a poem in Poetry Southeast, Spring 2007
  • "When I'm Away in Provincetown," a poem in Quercus Review, Spring/Summer 2007
  • "Flowers," a poem in Phoebe, Spring 2007
  • "Saturday Afternoons, Royal Theatre," a poem in Speechless, Spring 2007
  • "The Exterminator's Wife," a poem in Valparaiso Review, Spring 2007
  • "Little Gifts," short short fiction in Narrative Magazine, 2007
  • "Reasons to Quit," a prose poem in 21 Stars, 2007

Ryan Bradley (Fiction, 2009)

  • "After He Left, Before the Exultation," to appear in the Hint Fiction Anthology, Fall 2010
  • "Everything Returned," a short story in Wrong Tree Review, Summer 2010
  • "After Reading, I Want to get Drunk," a poem in Nibble, 2010
  • "Motherhood," a flash fiction piece to appear in Gargoyle, 2010
  • "A Christmas Fax from Dad's Lawyer," an essay in Holiday in Cambodia, a charity zine, February 2010
  • "Goodbye Ruby," a short story in Annalemma, January 2010
  • "Post-Arctic Culture Shock," a poem in WORK, January 2010
  • "Death is Driving this Car," and "Everywhere I Look is Pornography," poems in YB, December 2009
  • "June 2006 on the Trans Alaska Pipeline," and "Marlboro," poems in Oranges & Sardines, December 2009
  • "A Way to Begin," a poem in Third Wednesday, December 2009
  • "Soft Drugs," a story to appear in Emprise Review, November 2009
  • "The Long Grass," a story in Word Riot, October 2009
  • "When I'm Sad I Eat, When I'm Happy, Too" a poem to appear in Anemone Sidecar, Fall/Winter 2009
  • "What the Plumber Knows about My Failed Marriage," a flash fiction to appear in Third Wednesday, Late Summer 2009
  • "The Family Dog," a poem to appear in The Northville Review, Fall 2009
  • "Every Time a Fairy Gets Laid," a flash fiction to appear in Space Squid, Summer 2009
  • "The Teacher said Titles shouldn't be Longer than Poems, and I was like, is that a Challenge?" a poem to appear in PANK, January 2010
  • "Saturn Face," a flash fiction piece to appear in the first print issue of Tulip, 2009
  • "The Sad Giraffe Demographic," a flash fiction tol appear in Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens, a journal of the surreal and absurd, 2009
  • The Webcam Starlet received an honorable mention in the Blood Pudding Press chapbook contest, and four poems from the manuscript were featured on Thirteen Myna Birds, the Blood Pudding Press online journal, 2009
  • "Field Trips," a poem in 13 Myna Birds, an online journal, March 2009
  • "Stopping by a Punk Club on a Snowy Evening" a poem in The Beat, an online journal, March 2009
  • "The Way We Didn't Have," "One Liners About God," and "Snowboots," poems in Sir! Magazine, an online journal, March 2009
  • "The Archives of Winter," a poem to be published in the online journal Willows Wept Review, February 2009
  • "Watching Lightning with My Love," a poem in Third Wednesday, Spring 2009
  • "Accidentally Ahmed," micro fiction in Gander Press Review, Spring 2009
  • "& the wake was such," a poem in the online journal Mud Luscious, April 2009
  • "Houdini Holds His Breath in the East River" and "In The Kitchen," two poems in Third Wednesday, December 2008
  • "Explaining Why I Love You," micro fiction published in the online journal, Six Sentence, 2008
  • "I am not Adam, nor am I Brave," and "Not Unlike Mixed Metaphors," poems in Motel 58 in March 2009
  • "Jerkwad," a poem on The Beat, an online journal, 2008
  • "My Memory Protrudes, but Silently," a poem in the inaugral issue of Yippee Magazine, Fall/Winter 2008
  • "Mile Zero," a poem about working in the Arctic, appeared in the Sunday Oregonian on September 7, 2008
  • "Long Lost" a short story in A Thousand Faces in 2009
  • "You Can't Say No When the Answer is Yes," a flash fiction piece published in The Green Flash #2, August 2008

Devika Brandt (Poetry, 2010)

  • "How to Keep Her," a poem to be published in Rattle Magazine, Summer 2010

Pat Cason (Fiction, 2007)

  • Honorable Mention, 2009 Lois Cranston Memorial Poetry Prize, for "She Used to Call Me Chickadee"
  • "Palliation," a story in Ars Medica, Fall 2009
  • "A Unified Theory of Matter and Force," a poem in Spectrum, Volume 36, Issue 4, Fall 2008
  • Finalist, Annual Fiction Contest, So to Speak magazine, for the short story "Mermaid Fire," 2007
  • "Mermaid Fire," a short story in CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women, Vol. 24, no. 2, Winter 2008
  • "Finding Her," a poem published in Oregon East, Issue 36, 2005
  • "My Problem with Perspective," a poem published in Verseweavers, Number 9, 2005

Adrienne Christian (Poetry, 2010)

  • "One Day I'm Going to Wake Up," a poem in the online literary journal Tomlit, November 2009
  • "It's As If I'm Not a Man," a poem in the online literary journal, Big Lucks, January 2010
  • Accepted a teaching position at Brown Mackie Community College in Fort Wayne, Indiana, February 2010
  • "Me, Married," a poem in the online literary journals, Miller's Pond and 42 Magazine, Winter 2010
  • "The Year I Decided to Take a Drink for the Last Time," a poem in the online literary journal, The Arava Review, Winter 2010
  • "Our Guardian," a poem in the online literary journals, Negative Suck and Down in the Dirt, Winter 2010
  • "A Torn Half," a poem in the online literary journal, Porchlight Zine, Winter 2010
  • "The Ad Agency Workers," a poem in the online literary journal, WORK, Spring 2010
  • "Portrait of My Muse," a poem in the online literary journal, Miller's Pond, Spring 2010

Susan Defreitas (Fiction, 2011)

  • "Dune Variations (Parts 1, 2, & 3)," prose-poetry series, Southwestern American Literature Fall 2009

Tammy Dietz (Nonfiction, 2009)

  • "The Secret Suitcase," accepted for publication in the anthology Tarnished, to be released in 2010
  • "Twilight, Religion and Feminism," to be included in an upcoming anthology, Reading Twilight: Critical Essays, by the University of Kansas in 2010

Kitty Evers (Nonfiction, 2007)

  • "Soft Stone" and "Gifts," nonfiction pieces in the online magazine Perigee, Issue 13, October 2006

Claire Foster (Fiction, 2011)

  • "Blue House," a short story, nominated for a Pushcart Prize, Fall 2009

Jesse Fourmy (Poetry, 2007)

  • "Last Night's Fire," and "The Dwindling Embers of Evolution," poems in the Lost Horse Press New Poets Series, Volume IV, Winter 2010
  • "Tonight" and "The World's Most Expensive Science Experiment," two poems published in 3:AM Magazine, Spring 2009

Brad Fritsch (Fiction, 2007)

  • Third Place, 2006 Dylan Days Celebration Contest, for the short story "Winter," also published in Talking Blues, 2006

Collene Funk (Nonfiction, 2008)

  • Has accepted an appointment as the 2008-2009 Scholar in Residence at Central Oregon Community College

Carly Furry (Fiction, 2006)

  • Awarded a month-long residency at Caldera Artist's Retreat, 2008
  • "Double Oar Turn," a short story in Gray's Sporting Journal, May 2008
  • "A Hundred Million Fishes," a short story in Gray's Sporting Journal, May 2007
  • “Fly on the Line,” a short story in Gray's Sporting Journal (Fly-Fishing Book edition), February 2006

Jeannine Hall Gailey (Poetry, 2007)

  • Look for two articles (one on speculative poetry, another on chapbooks) by Jeannine Hall Gailey in Poet's Market 2010 later on this year
  • Awarded an "Honorable Mention" in the 2008 Mainichi Haiku Contest
  • "Married Life," a poem published in Ninth Letter, Winter 2008/2009
  • Review of Pattiann Rogers' Wayfare published in The American Poetry Journal, Issue 8, 2009
  • See Jeannine's interview with Pattiann Rogers on Poets & Writers
  • "Advice Given to Me Before My Wedding," a poem published in the Summer 2008 issue of Rattle
  • "Yume (The Dream)," a poem published in the Spring 2008 issue of 32 Poems
  • "The Note the Fox-Wife Leaves Him," a poem published in Rhino 2008
  • "Love Letter to Hayao Miyazaki" and "Winter Etude (with Playstation Accompaniment)," two poems chosen as finalists in Smartish Pace poetry contests, and published in Smartish Pace issue 15
  • Featured on the The Moe Green Poetry Hour on The World Wide Word Radio Networks, March 16, 2008
  • Interview with Matthea Harvey on the Poetry Foundation website, 2008: Read the interview.
  • Awarded the top Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Prize for "Dogwood," "Turning Back," "He Makes Dinner," 2007
  • Awarded Washington State's Artist Trust GAP (Grant for Artist Projects) for her book manuscript, "The Woman Disappears," 2007
  • "Standing in the Anime Kingdom," a poem in Siren, Issue 4
  • "White Bird Sister" and other poems as featured poet in Endicott Studio's Journal of Mythic Arts, Spring 2007
  • "Fingernails," a poem in Posse Review, Issue 23
  • "The Gift of Tongues" and "The Husband Asks Her," poems in The Harvard Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, Spring 2007
  • "She Rescues a Fire Demon," a poem in Cranky, Issue 9
  • "The Fox-Wife Describes Their Courtship," a poem in The Columbia Poetry Review, Spring 200
  • "The Husband Tries to Write to the Disappearing Wife," a poem in Redactions, Spring 2007
  • Finalist, 1st Annual Poetry Southeast Poetry Contest, for the poem "Rapunzel, After," also published in Poetry Southeast, Summer 2007
  • Interviewed for her book Becoming the Villainess: Read the interview.
  • Garrison Keillor read her poem "Female Comic Book Superheroes " on The Writer's Almanac on July 7, 2006.
  • Garrison Keillor read her poem "Spy Girls" on The Writer's Almanac on June 16, 2006: Listen to the poem
  • Becoming the Villainess, Steel Toe Books, April 2006

Lisa Galloway (Poetry, 2007)

  • Liminal: A Life of Cleavage, Lost Horse Press New Poets Series, 2007
  • Nominated for the 2006 Pushcart Prize for her poem "She
     was a Chagall"

Marcene Gandolfo (Poetry, 2010)

  • "Position," a poem forthcoming in Georgetown Review, 2011
  • "Estate Sale," a poem forthcoming in Sow's Ear Poetry Review, 2010
  • "There," a poem forthcoming in California Quarterly, 2010
  • "Storm," a poem forthcoming in Red Rock Review, 2010
  • “The Flames” and “A Tide,” poems published in Harpur Palate (Volume 8, Issue 2, 2009
  • “Anamnesis,” a poem published in Bayou (Issue 49, 2008
  • “Found” and “Reprise,” poems published in Eclipse (Volume 19)
  • “Visitation” and “Why, and “Lost” (reprint),” poems published in Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry (Volume 6
  • “Lost,” a poem published in Poet Lore (Volume 103, Number 1/2, Spring/Summer 2008. Reprinted in Red Wheelbarrow (National 2008 Edition)
  • “Stitches,” a poem in California Quarterly  (Volume 33, Number 3)
  • “Dream of a Forgotten Language,” a poem in River Oak Review (Winter 2008, Volume 2, Issue 5)
  • “Field,” a poem in The Café Review (Volume 17)
  • “Migration,” a poem in Paterson Literary Review (Volume 34)
  • “Summer After His Death,” a poem in Van Gogh’s Ear (Volume 4)
  • “Transubstantiation,” a poem in the anthology, Francis and Clare in Poetry

Helen Gerhardt, published under the name Helen Puciloski, (Poetry, 2009)

  • "Hindsight" and "Abstract," poems in Calyx Journal, Summer 2009

Leslie Glasser, published under the name Leslie What, (Fiction, 2006)

  • "Rare Earth," a short story co-written with MFA alumna Felicity Shoulders, to be published in the anthology Is Anybody Out There?, by DAW Books, June 2010
  • "Living Waters," an essay, excerpt to be reprinted in Utne Reader, January-February 2010
  • Crazy Love, a short story collection was nominated for the  2009 Oregon Book Award
  • "That Time of Year," an essay to be published in Oregun 55, letterpress edition edited by Dean Rea, 2009
  • "I Was a Toga-Clad Goddess in the Temple of Love," an essay published in Perceptions Literary Magazine, May 2009
  • "Living Waters," an essay published in Calyx, June 2009
  • "Old Baby," a short story in Shape of a Box YouTube video project, 2008
  • The American Library Association's review journal, Booklist, has named Leslie What's Crazy Love one of the top 10 SF/Fantasy books of the year, 2009
  • Received more reviews for her book Crazy Love:
  • Interviewed Michael Chabon for Nebula Awards
  • Crazy Love has earned a starred review from Booklist, Summer 2008.
  • Crazy Love, a story collection, has earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly, May 2008
  • "Why I Wash the Dead," an essay in The New Vilna Review, April, 2008
  • "Money is no Object," a short story in Asimov's Science Fiction, 2008
  • "My Funny Holocaust," an essay in Midstream Magazine, 2008
  • "#1," a short story to be published by Electric Velocipede, Fall 2007
  • "Writing Exercises," to be published by The Writer's Guide to Fiction, Kalmbach Publishing, Fall 2007
  • "Frankenfetish," a short story in Flytrap, May 2007
  • "Performance Anxiety," a short story in Perigee, July 2007
  • Accepted a teaching position in 2007 with the UCLA Extension Writers' Program
  • "Tsuris," a short story in the anthology Logorreah from Bantam Books, 2007
  • "Post hoc," a short story in Interfictions from Small Beer Press, 2007
  • "Living Waters," an essay, third place, student category, Oregon Quarterly Northwest Perspectives Essay Contest, 2006
  • Nominated for a Nebula Award: "Nirvana High," a short story written in collaboration with Eileen Gunn and published in The James Tiptree Award Anthology #2 (Sex, the Future, And Chocolate Chip Cookies), edited by Karen Joy Fowler, Tachyon Publications, December 2005
  • “The Morning Call of Birds,” a short story in The Clackamas Literary Review, March 2006
  • "Letter to the Tamarack Tiding," a short story in Talking Back, edited by L. Timmel DuChamp, Aqueduct Press, 2006
  • "Nature Mort," a short story in Polyphony #5, November 2005
  • "The Mutable Borders of Love," a short story in The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror #16, Carroll and Graf, edited by Stephen Jones, November 2005

Josh Goller (Fiction, 2011)

  • "Nothing Up His Sleeve," a short story in Jersey Devil Press, April 2010
  • "Gone," a short story in The Legendary, March 2010
  • "Loaves and Fish," a flash fiction story in Raging Face, March 2010

John Gorman (Fiction, 2010)

  • Shades of Luz, a novel published by All Things That Matter Press, 2009
  • "A New Wall," a short story in Monkeybicycle, 2009

Charles Green (Fiction, 2007)

  • Bright Shadows, Mongoose Publishing, July 2007
  • Gods of Law, Chaosium, Inc., December 2006

Harry Griswold (Poetry, 2007)

  • Camera Obscura, a book of poems published by Wordcraft of Oregon, 2007
  • “Friday Evening, No Popcorn” appeared in the Poetry column, The Sunday Oregonian, September 23, 2007
  • “Feeling for the First Time the Guy Isn’t Worthy of Her” was nominated for the Pushcart Prize, 2007
  • Turning Back, a new volume of poems, has not yet been published. Credits from Turning Back include the following:
    • “Requisite” and “Blotted”— Argestes, Spring-Summer 2009
    • “Turning Back” — California Quarterly, Vol. 34 No. 3
    • “In Churchport” — Gargoyle, No. 55, June 2009
    • “Arrested Identity” and “Much Travel, Many Strange Rooms” — Limestone, 2009 issue
    • “His 20’s, Told in Rumination” and “November Remembrance” — San Diego Poetry Annual 2008
    • “Neighborhood Exhibit” and “Message Received” — San Diego Poetry Annual 2007
    • “That Old Garden and Etcetera” — International Poetry Review

Jonathan Harris (Poetry, 2009)

  • The Wave That Did Not Break, a book of poetry to be published in 2010 by Tebot Bach Press
  • "The Seating Chart," a poem published in Walt's Corner in The Long Islander, November 2008
  • "Last Request," a poem to be published in Dogwood, 2009
  • Finalist for the Joy Harjo Poetry Contest, Cutthroat, 2007

Nancy Hechinger (Poetry, 2009)

  • "Scattered" and "Jacks," poems to be published in Salamander, Winter 09/10
  • "Squirrel" and "The Smell of Men," poems in the national edition of Red Wheelbarrow, September 2009

Gale Hemmann (Poetry, 2010)

  • Awarded an internship with Wave Books, an independent poetry press in Seattle, Winter 2010

Jessica Henkle (Fiction, 2010)

  • "The Better Man," Honorable Mention, Glimmer Train's Short Story Award for New Writers, May 2009

Gwen James, published under the name Gwen Cash, (Poetry, 2006)

  • "Thoughts From a Waiting Room, St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, BC," a poem in Blood Orange Review, 2007
  • "Third Day in New York City," a poem forthcoming in Ascent magazine, Winter 2008
  • Awarded Washington State's Artist Trust GAP (Grant for Artist Projects) for her book, Acts of Contrition, 2007
  • Acts of Contrition, Lost Horse Press New Poets Series, 2007
  • "Incantations for Dead Mothers to Speak Over Their Daughters," "For the Dead," "Young Man Sleeping," and "Mirror," poems in Cutthroat, 2007
  • Nominated for the 2006 Pushcart Prize for her poem "Choosing Berries and Onions"
  • "Choosing Berries and Onions" and "Underworld," poems in the online magazine Perigee, Issue 13, 2006
  • “After You,” a poem in Born Magazine, Spring 2006
  • “Your Palm Pressed to Mine,” a poem in Birmingham Poetry Review, Fall 2005

Kimberly Jones (Fiction, 2010)

  • "Clean Start," a short story in Sunken Lines Literary Magazine, 2010
  • "The Bracelet," a short story in CC&D Journal, February 2010

Kitty Jospe (Poetry, 2009)

  • Featured poet at Rochester's Literary Center, Writers and Books, July 14, 2009
  • "Midas Lament," a poem in Poet Talk, September 2009
  • “The Poetic Life:  A Sample of See-Saw in a Dizzying Week," an article published in Rochester's Poet Talk, March 2009
  • Did a poetry reading with backup trio at “the Lovin’ Cup,” (now on Youtube), Rochester, NY, February 8, 2009
  • "Generosity," a poem accepted for Le Mot Juste, 2009 Antholog
  • Read her poem, "Thank You Marie Ponsot for the Rose Metaphor, (published in Celebrating Women in 2008) twice for the presentation of this anthology, once in November 2008 and again in February 2009
  • Created a poetry appreciation group at her public library that meets weekly
  • Is giving a lecture, "A Peak into Poetry," using examples from Heather McHugh, November 12, 2008
  • Published two more articles in Poet Talk, October and November 2008 issues: "A Sampling from the New US Poet Laureate, Kay Ryan:  Book Review of Elephant Rocks" and "Lines ... and Sentences: Book Review of James Longenbach's Book, The Art of the Poetic Line"
  • Performed a "Moon Ladling Lava," a collaborative poetry piece staged among dancers in three performances October 24, 25, 26. It started as a collaboration organized by the artistic director of Park Avenue Dance Company (in February 2008) with the single word "tension" given to a local musician and  to Kitty to work with her choreography.
  • Tinkering with Tone," an article in Poet Talk, April-May 2008

Kassandra Kelly (Fiction, 2006)

  • Awarded a month-long residency at Caldera Artist's Retreat, 2008

Marianne Klekacz (Poetry, 2006)

  • When Words Fail, a poetry collection published by Dancing Moon Press, 2009

Gail Kretchmer (Fiction, 2009)

  • "A Conversation with Kim Barnes," published in High Desert Journal #10, Fall 2009
  • "Skydancer," a short story published in High Desert Journal, April 2009

Kyle Lang (Fiction, 2008)

  • "The Little Things," a short story forthcoming in Story Quarterly, 2010
  • "Muddied Water," a short story in Going Down Swinging, November 2009

Sarah Lundin (Fiction, 2007)

  • "West's Pond," a short story in Two Hawks Quarterly, November 2007

Katy McKinney (Poetry, 2006)

  • "Big Lava Bed in the Gifford Pinchot" and "Pruning Lilac Suckers After My Sister's Diagnosis," poems in Windfall, Spring 2008
  • "Finishing the Quilt" and "Pretend Beauty Parlor, 1963," poems in the online journal Lucid Rhythms, August 2008
  • "Scientists Discover Singing Iceberg in Antarctica," a poem in Perigee, Issue 22, Fall 2008
  • First place in Oregon State Poetry Association's Traditional Verse category in the Fall 2008 Contest for "Worm Bin Sestina." The poem is forthcoming in Verseweavers, Spring 2009.
  • "One Morning," a poem in Walking Bridges Using Poetry as a Compass: Poems about Bridges Real and Imagined by 70 Poets, Urban Adventure Press, 2007
  • "Persistence" and "It Didn't Help That the Room Was 90," poems in Windfall, Fall 2006
  • "Lessons From Ben, Just Turned 3" and "50-50," poems in the anthology Not What We Expected: The Road From Womanhood to Motherhood, Paycock Press, Fall 2006
  • Soapstone residency for Summer 2006
  • First Honorable Mention, Oregon State Poetry Association's Spring 2006 Contest (50th Anniversary Category) for the poem "How Through This Slow Dream"
  • Third Honorable Mention, OSPA contest in the formal verse category for "Pretend Beauty Parlor, 1963"
  • "Ars Poetica," a poem in Pacific magazine, Winter 2006
  • "Fireproofing the Woods" and "Nocturne," poems in Windfall, Fall 2005

Catherine Michaud (Poetry, 2009)

  • "Dawn Tells Her Ex Why She Had to See the Fountain of Trevi" and "All That Remains," poems published in EXIT 13 Magazine, #15, 2008
  • Second Place Winner, Writer's Digest 2006 Poetry Competition, for the poem "Dangling Modifier"

Ada Molinoff (Poetry, 2009)

  • "Fathoms: The Woodcuts of Helen Frankenthaler," a poem, won First Place in the category, Theme: Ekphrasis (about any visual art,) in the Oregon State Poetry Association's fall 2008 contest. The poem will be published in
  • spring, 2009, in OSPA's journal, Verseweavers; and the award comes with a cash prize.
  • Has been invited to read at the Oregon Jewish Museum in Portland on Monday, November 10, 2008, at 7:30.
  • "Bridge," a poem in Walking Bridges Using Poetry as a Compass: Poems about Bridges Real and Imagined by 70 Poets, Urban Adventure Press, 2007
  • "Poetry Collection Offers Simple Languag," a review of Dorianne Laux's book Facts About the Moon in the Salem Monthly, October 1, 2007
  • "Bella, 1908," a poem in the anthology Where We Find Ourselves: Jewish Women Around the World Write About Home, 2008

David Moskowitz (Fiction, 2006)

  • "Cheat Codes," a short story in Rhapsoidia, Issue 11, 2006

Abby Murray (Poetry, 2009)

  • "Me & Coyote," a poem in the Lost Horse Press New Poets Series, Volume IV, Winter 2010
  • "How I Love You," a poem to be published in Tiger's Eye, No. 16, Fall 2008
  • "Late Autumn in Vancouver & Baghdad: The Preservation of Women," a poem published in So To Speak, Vol. 17, Issue 2, 2008
  • "The Goldfish," a poem in Hawai'i Pacific Review, 2008
  • "If I Had A Boat," a poem in Walt's Corner of The Long Islander newspaper, 2008
  • "Surfacing" and "With Two," poems published in Issue 57 of Kaleidoscope: Exploring the Experience of Disability Through Literature and the Fine Arts, 2008
  • "Bones," a poem in Georgetown Review
  • "The Hussy," a poem published in Cider Press Review, Spring 2008
  • "To Ramida" and "Here Sits Cat," poems published in the Fall/Winter issue of Ibbetson Street, 2007-2008

Billie Nelson (Poetry, 2010)

  • "Unraveling the Recluse," a poem published in the anthology Outscape: Writings on Fences and Frontiers, October 2008

Nancy Newman (Nonfiction, 2006)

  • Semifinalist, Ohio State University alumni writing contest, for "Your Apartment, Your Knife," Fall 2009
  • Street Stories: 100 Years of Homelessness in Vancouver, a book with co-author Michael Barnholden and photographer Lindsay Meams, Anvil Press, 2007

Robert Peake (Poetry, 2009)

  • Honorable mention, 2008 Atlantic Monthly Student Writing Contest
  • "Road Sign on Interstate 5," a poem selected as a finalist in the 2008 Rattle Poetry Prize and forthcoming in the Winter 2008 issue of Rattle
  • "The Silence Teacher," a poem published in Oregon Literary Review, Vol. 3, No. 2
  • "Recipe For The Broken," a poem forthcoming in "Walt's Corner" of The Long Islander newspaper 
  • "The Angel Of Sleep Visits The Inner City," a poem in Cider Press Review, Volume 8, 2007
  • "Radish," a poem selected as a finalist in the 2007 James Hearst Poetry Prize and published in North American Review, April/May 2007
  • "Telegraph Flower Stand," a poem in Askew, Volume 3, Spring 2007

Jan Priddy (Fiction, 2007)

  • Honorable Mention, Glimmer Train's Short Story Award for New Writers, for "Shooting Range," 2009
  • Finalist, Crab Creek Review Annual Fiction Contest, for the short story "Rain in the Desert," 2008
  • Joined the faculty of Clatsop Community College, in Astoria, Ore., Fall term 2008
  • "Eyebrow Wings," a poem in North American Review, March/April 2006
  • "A Single Fact Can Spoil a Good Argument," a short story in CALYX: A Journal of Art and Literature by Women, 30th Anniversary Issue, Summer 2006
  • Awarded a residency at Soapstone, a literary retreat, July 2006
  • "Living in Snakeland," a short story in Pacific magazine, Winter 2005/2006

Kandy Rachwalski (Fiction, 2011)

  • "Pieces of Lidice: Mother," a prose poem forthcoming in HazMat Review, August, 2009
  • Received the Art Kreisman Award for Creative Writing, June 2009
  • Performed "A Synchronistic Look at the Universe in Three Stages of Magnification," a collaborative/simultaneous reading of the work of Halton Arp (astronomer) and Hans Arp (Dadaist) with Tiffany Mc Cormack at the Schneider Museum of Art in Ashland, Oregon, March & May, 2009

Susan Reese (Poetry, 2006)

  • "One Man's Ceiling," "Paradise," and "Sun Sign," poems in Oregon English Journal, Spring 2008. This volume was selected by the National Council of Teachers of English for national promotion and distribution.
  • Will be teaching her third DELVE seminar for Literary Arts in Spring 2009 -- "Flannery O'Connor: Wiseblood and The Complete Stories."
  • Inducted into Phi Kappa Phi, initiation took place on May 22, 2008
  • Traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, June 4-12, 2008 to read and score English Literature AP exams for Educational Testing Service (ETS)
  • Featured on the list in the “Best of PDX” issue of Willamette Week, July 27, 2007
  • Participated as a student July 7-8, 2007 at the Taos Writers’ Conference, in Taos, New Mexico
  • "First Post-Mastectomy Appointment," a poem in Curextra, an online subsidiary of Cure magazine, 2006
  • "The Pearl Concubine," "Rodin and Claudel," and "Returning from Olallie Lake," poems in Inkwater Ink, Inkwater Press, 2006
  • Submitted poetry, was accepted, and attended a conference at Sarah Lawrence in Bronxville, New York, “Writing the Medical Experience,” at which she gave a reading of her work, July 2005
  • Taught a session on “Effective Newsletter Writing,” at the University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire, as a part of AAUP’s Summer Institute, July 2005

Beth Russell (Fiction, 2008)

  • Honored as a Presidential Scholars Distinguished Teacher in Washington, D.C., June 2009
  • "Ode to Conflagration," a poem in Oregon Literary Review, 2009
  • Awarded a residency at Spring Creek Project, Oregon State University, 2007

Rickianne (Muller) Rycraft, published under the name R.A. Rycraft, (Fiction, 2007)

  • Finalist in the Poets and Writers Exchange Contest for "You Know," December 2009
  • Special Mention, 2010 Pushcart Prize, for the short story "Covenant"
  • Published an online chapbook at Web del Sol,  which contains five short stories (four that appeared in her MFA thesis)
  • Nominated for a Pushcart Prize for her short story, "Komunyakka Days," 2009 
  • Appointed nonfiction editor of the online  literary and arts journal, Perigee
  • The Eric Hoffer Award: Editor's Choice for her short story "Komunyakka Days."  The story appears in the Best New Writing 2008 anthology published by Hopewell Publications.
  • Appointed Chair of the English Department at Mt. San Jacinto College, May 2008
  • Commentator for the documentary TC Boyle: The Art of the Story, made available October 2008, that is currently competing in several film festivals
  • "No-Womb Woman," a short story accepted for publication in the The MacGuffin, Spring/Summer 2008
  • "Covenant," a short story to appear in Calyx, Vol. 24, no. 3, Summer 200
  • "Sanctuary," a short story selected for the upcoming anthology Words & Images of Belonging edited by Carol Smallwood and Cynthia Brackett-Vincent
  • "You Know," short story in the top 100 story South's Million Writers Award Notable Stories 2006
  • "You Know," a short story in Pif Magazine, Summer 2006
  • "Shh," a short story in the online magazine VerbSap, Fall 2006

Mary Salisbury (Fiction, 2010)

  • Awarded a 2008 Oregon Literary Fellowship from Literary Arts

Heather Sappenfield (Fiction, 2011)

  • "Empty Feast," a short story in Meridian, May 2010

Katey Schultz (Nonfiction, 2008)

  • "Grimshaw on the Ice," micro fiction, Cold Flashes: Literary Snapshots of Alaska (University of Alaska Press), Fall 2010
  • Awarded one-month residency, Weymouth Center for Arts & Humanities, Southern Pines, North Carolina, Fall 2010
  • "Grimshaw on the Ice," 2nd place winner for the annual River Styx micro fiction contest, April 2010
  • "Toeing the Line," lyric essay, Interlochen Review, Spring 2010
  • "Dear God," creative nonfiction, Swink Magazine, Spring 2010
  • Winner of the Linda Flowers Literary Award for Fiction, sponsored by the North Carolina Humanities Council. Publication of winning story, "Amplitude," in NC Conversations, February 2010
  • Selected for Jentel Artist Residency Program in Banner, Wyoming, Winter 2010
  • Writer-in-Residence at Interlochen Academy, January-May 2010
  • Beneath the Unknown Bones: Stories About Coming Home, fiction anthology edited by Katey Schultz, Main Street Rag Publishing Company, 2010
  • "In the Quiet," short story, Sugar Mule, February 2010
  • Selected as Workshop Fellow by the Andy Warhol/Creative Capital Foundation and the International Art Critics Association, New York, 2009
  • "The Naming of Things," short story, Writers' Dojo, May 2009
  • Western Art Agencies of North Carolina Artist in Residence for the 2009-2010 school year
  • Residency Fellow at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, September 2009
  • Recipient of full scholarship for residency at Wrangell Mountains Center in McCarthy Alaska, August 2009
  • "On the Up and Up," short story, Perigee, July 2009
  • "Entre Tierra," exhibition essay highlighting the work of figurative clay artist Cristina Cordova. Published and translated in association with Museo Arte Contempraneo de Puerto Rico, Spring 2009
  • Dots On a Map, fiction anthology edited by Katey Schultz, Main Street Rag Publishing Company, 2009
  • Lost Crossings: A Contemplative Look at Western North Carolina's Historic Swinging Bridges, book, exhibition, and public lecture, Crimson Laurel Gallery, September 2009. Features personal narrative essays by Katey Schultz and photographs by Shane Darwent: Read about the project.
  • Featured author at Carolina Mountains Literary Festival, September 2009
  • Recipient of Regional Artist Grant Project to attend AWP, February 2009
  • "Interview with Dinty W. Moore," Silk Road, February 2009
  • "Self Portrait," a poem published in Perigee, Oct.-Jan. 2007
  • "On the Edge of Southern Appalachian Living," a personal narrative in Cadillac Cicatrix, Winter 2007-08
  • "Mountains of Tea," a personal narrative in Now & Then, Winter 2008
  • Second Place, Nonfiction category of the 2007 Marylhurst Writing Contest, for "Islandia" which will also be published in the M Review, June 2007
  • Third Place Winner, Student Category, Oregon Quarterly 2007 Northwest Perspectives Essay Contest, for "Meditation on Activism"
  • "The Longest Undeclared War in History," an essay in Contemporary Impressions, March 2007
  • "To Sculpt a Dream," an essay in Ceramics Art and Perception, Winter 2007
  • "On Inner Peace and Patience," an essay in Now & Then, January 2007
  • "Booking It," an essay in Our State Magazine, December 2006
  • "From the Inside Out," an essay in Ceramics Art and Perception, Summer 2006

Ryan Sharp (Poetry, 2011)

  • "Staring Contest" and "Son of an Apple," poems in The Legendary Journal, Fall 2009

Felicity Shoulders (Fiction, 2008)

  • "Rare Earth," a short story co-written with MFA alumna Leslie Glasser, to be published in the anthology Is Anybody Out There?, by DAW Books, June 2010
  • "Conditional Love", a short story to be published in Asimov's Science Fiction, January 2010
  • "Ashes," a short story published in Calyx, Summer 2009
  • "Burgerdroid," a short story in Asimov's Science Fiction, 2008

Nancy Stebbins (Fiction, 2011)

  • "Shades of Flamingo," a flash story in Grey Sparrow Journal, Winter 2010
  • "Monkeys Imitating Humans Imitating Monkeys," a flash story in Drabblecast, Winter 2010
  • "The Smell of Love, the Color of Happiness," a flash story on the Johnny America site, December 2009
  • Awarded #1 flash story of the month on Zoetrope Virtual Studio for "Let's Not Talk About Men," October 2009

Joshua Reed Stuart (Poetry, 2006)

  • Has launched an experimental writing Web journal and is seeking submissions: Acetylene Fever
  • "Watching a Young Mother Walk With Her Infant Through a Cemetary on the Day Before My Funeral," a poem to be featured at the Festival de Arte Digital in Brazil, September 2007
  • "Another Sanctuary" and "Sleeping It Off," poems in In Between Hangovers, Winter 2006-2007
  • "Driving With My Father," a poem in PixArtisan Online Magazine, October 2006
  • Is traveling in Antarctica where he will be teaching a writing workshop
  • "A Few Ideas" and "Why Winter Is No Longer Scary," poems in the Summer Solstice Issue of Ice-Floe, Vol VII, No 1, 2006
  • "Directions for Surviving," a poem in Poetry International, Vol 11, 2006
  • "I Also Am Growing Old," a poem in New Delta Review, Summer 2006
  • Second Place, Alaska Statewide Poetry Contest 2006, Judged by John Haines
  • "Watching a Young Mother Walk With Her Infant Through a Cemetery on the Day Before My Funeral," Born, Summer 2006
  • "Riding the Train," a poem in The Iowa Review, Spring 2005
  • Recipient of the Virginia Hinkley Poetry Award at College of the Redwoods Del Norte, 2004
  • "Farmer's Blood” and "Sharing the Son," poems in The White Pelican Review, 2003

Thea Swanson (Fiction, 2007)

  • "Small Happinesses of the Day," a short story in Anemone Sidecar, Issue 9, 2010
  • "Freeway Striper," a short story to be published in Camera Obscura, Spring 2010
  • "Unlace" and "Remiss," poems in the Write Mother, a new online journal, October 2009
  • Has accepted a position teaching English at West Sound Academy beginning in September 2007
  • "Stuck in Crafts," a short story in Image, 2008
  • "What's in This for Dave," a short story in Our Stories, Spring 2007
  • "Cleveland and It Hurts," a short story in Crab Creek Review, Summer/Fall 2007
  • "Federal Grant" and "Language of Vermin," poems in Panamowa, May 2007
  • Accepted an adjunct faculty position teaching English at Olympic College in Washington, September 2006

Deb Tenney, published under the name D. E. Tenney, (Fiction,2009)

  • "My Oxymoronic Favorite Chore," a personal essay to be published in the anthology Lavanderia: A Mixed Load of Women, Wash, and Word, 2009
  • "After Eating Too Late in Honolulu," a poem to be published in an anthology of poems from all 50 states describing what it means to be an American, Secret Press USA, Spring 2009

Belinda Vicars (Fiction, 2007)

  • "Riding the Synapse Train into Madness," creative non-fiction, forthcoming in Talking River, Lewis-Clark State College's literary magazine
  • "Probabilities of Delight," short story, forthcoming in Kudzu Magazine, Fall 2008
  • "What She Kept," a short story in Dogwood, May 2007

John Walker (Fiction, 2006)

  • "Retreat," a fiction story in Writer's Dojo, January 2010
  • "The Rules," a short story in the online journal Prick of the Spindle, Spring 2009. 
  • "The Atlas Show," a short story, will appear in the online journal Slow Trains, Spring 2008
  • "Ain't It Pretty," a short story in StringTown magazine, 2007

George Wallace (Poetry, 2009)

  • Planning a West Coast reading tour in June 2010
  • Accepted a teaching assignment at Pace University in Lower Manhattan
  • Poppin' Johnny, a chapbook of poems, has been selected for publication by Three Rooms Press, NYC, 2009
  • Summer of Love Summer of Love, a book of poetry published by Shivastan Press, 2008
  • The North Sea Poetry Scene is hosting a tribute to George Wallace, Saturday, Oct. 2, 2008, 6 -10 p.m., West Lake Inn, 322 Montauk Highway, Patchogue, New York 11772, 631-475-1300
  • Was recently named to the New York State Council on the Arts Literature Panel, 2008
  • Was asked to serve as a correspondent by PEN at the annual World Voices Festival, 2008
  • "Sky Is," a CD recorded in Cornwall England, released on CDBABY.COM
  • Wrestling Godzilla, a chapbook, selected for publication, Green Panda Press, Cleveland, OH
  • Summer of Love Summer of Love, a chapbook, selected for publication, Shivastan Press, Woodstock NY
  • Performed with Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Grant Hart (Husker Du) in Festival Ecstatique, Amherst MA
  • Appeared at Woody Guthrie Festival, Okemah, OK; Kenneth Rexroth Festival, Cleveland, OH; Beat Museum, San Francisco, CA; Howlfest, NYC; Women's Arts International Festival, Kendal, UK
  • Named "Next Generation" Beat writer by Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Inc
  • "Politicking Dulls Poetics," an article in Sunday New York Newsday, June 2007
  • "Double Yellow Lines," a poem in The War Papers, Big Bridge, 2007

Linda Weiford (Nonfiction, 2009)

  • "On-air Stripper," a personal essay, recently placed third in the 2008 National Flash Prose Competition sponsored by Writer Advice. It will appear in its July e-zine issue at Her nonfiction piece grew from an assignment on micro-essays given by Valerie Miner and Craig Lesley during the summer 2007 term.

Jennfer Whetham (Poetry, 2009)

  • "The Tulips," "The Possum," and "Jesus Loved the Prostitutes," poems in the online journal The Smoking Poet, 2007

Robin Williams (Poetry, 2007)

  • "Burying the Dead" and "Wearing Anxiety," poems in the anthology Open Windows: An Anthology of Poetry, Essays & Fiction, Ghost Road Press 2005, finalist for Colorado Book Award

Scott V. Young (Fiction, 2011)

  • "A Careless Gesture," poem in the anthology Manzanita, Poetry and Prose of the Mother Lode and Sierra, Volume 6, April 2010
  • "The Sandwich," a poem in Poetry Now magazine, June 2009
  • "Coming Home," a poem in Poetry Now magazine, July 2009

James Zerndt (Poetry, 2009)

  • "The Ocean Takes a Vacation" and "Not Thinking," poems published in The Salal Review, Spring 2010
  • "The Tree Poachers," a short story on Read the story.
  • Honorable mention in the Atlantic Monthly 2008 Student Fiction Contest for the short story "This Jerkwater Life"
  • Interviewed as Poet of the Month in Long Story Short, 2009: Read the interview.
  • "Still Life with Jacket" and "She’s a Real Pistil," poems published in The Sow's Ear Poetry Review, 2009
  • ‘Would You Rather," a short story published in The Salal Review, 2009
  • "The X-Ray," a short story published in ARS Medica: A Journal of Medicine, The Arts, and Humanities, 2008
  • "Two Figures of Speech Walk into a Bar" and "First Poetry Reading," poems in Currents Magazine, Summer 2008
  • "Comet's Snowball," a short story published in Colere: A Journal of Cultural Exploration, 2008
  • "This Jerkwater Life," a short story that was runner-up in Playboy's 2008 College Fiction Contest
  • "How to Raise an American Artist," a poem in Slipstream #28, forthcoming in the Spring/Summer of 2008
  • "How to Write Poetry," a satirical essay in the online magazine Yankee Pot Roast, August 21, 2007
  • "Apology," a poem in the Sunday edition of The Oregonian, July 15, 2007