Endorsement | Reading Specialist

Pacific University's College of Education offers a 16 semester-credit Reading Specialist Endorsement Program that meets the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission requirements for an add-on endorsement to the Initial Teaching License.

This endorsement program prepares teachers to serve as Title I or reading specialists in their schools and districts. Coursework emphasizes the candidates' development of knowledge and skills needed to carry out the curricular, instructional, assessment-related, supervisory and staff-development roles and responsibilities that are the typical duties of the Title I or reading Specialist. Coursework also begins to prepare reading specialists for working with children who speak a language other than English as their primary language.

The Reading Specialist Endorsement may be obtained by completing 16 semester hours including  core courses and the requirements (courses and practicum) for two authorization levels: Early Childhood and Elementary (ECE/Elem), or Middle School and High School (MS/HS). Candidates may earn the Reading Specialist Endorsement that qualifies them to teach reading to students PreK-12  by completing the multilevel practicum. In addition to coursework, the candidate must pass the Reading Specialist Praxis. Oregon requires a minimum score of 164.

More Information

Reading Endorsement Handbook (pdf): Updated as of September 2015


Karren Timmermans | Reading Endorsement Program Coordinator, Eugene
541-485-6812 | kmtimm@pacificu.edu

Diana Watkins | Associate Director of Graduate & Professional Admissions
503-352-1435 or 877-722-8648 ext. 143 | teach@pacificu.edu

Section Core Courses Credit Hrs
RDNG-642 Reading Assessments & Techniques 3
RDNG-632 Perspectives on Reading 2
EDUC-633 Literacy & English-Language Learners 2
RDNG-650 Leadership for Literacy 2
RDNG-645 Developing Literacy in the Content Areas 2
ESOL-544 Educational Linguistics for ESOL Teachers 3
Early Childhood/Elementary Authorization Courses
  Prerequisites: coursework in psychological foundations and basic reading methodology appropriate for early childhood and elementary education.  
RDNG-653 ECE/ELEM Supervised Practicum 2
Middle Level/High School Authorization Courses
  Prerequisites: coursework in psychological foundations and basic reading methodology appropriate for middle school and high school education.  
RDNG-654 ML/HS Supervised Practicum 2
Pre-K-12 Authorization Courses and Practica
  Note: Candidates completing a practica experience at either early childhood or elementary and at either middle or high school level shall qualify for authorization for pre-primary through grade twelve. Candidates would need to sign up for the practica listed below rather than the practica required for the ECE/EL or ML/HS levels.  
RDNG-655 Multi-level Supervised Practicum 2