Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to apply?

Basic Admissions Requirements for all programs:

  • Completed Application
  • TSPC character questions Questions (including written explanation for yes answers and supporting court documentation if appropriate)
  • Official transcripts from each college/university attended
  • Resume detailing experience with children or youth
  • Letters of evaluation/recommendation
  • Passing test scores (see "Which tests do I have to take?" Section for more information)
  • Essay (see application for details on essay)
  • Application fee (waived for Pacific University graduates)

Please refer to the Apply Now page for program specific details on other items you must submit for admission.

How much is tuition?

Tuition is $680 per semester hour for the 2014-2015 academic year.

When are the program deadlines and start dates?

Schedules for deadlines and start dates for applying to the College of Education can be found in our admissions section.

Can I get my teaching license without getting a master's degree?

The Bachelor of Arts in Education & Learning program leads to an Oregon Initial Teaching License. All other College of Education programs are master's degree programs. Licensed teachers may add endorsements/authorizations outside of Master's programs.

Do I really need official transcripts?

Official transcripts are required for admission. Your baccalaureate degree must be posted on your transcript if you are applying to a master's program. You must submit transcripts from all colleges or universities attended. Official transcripts must arrive at the College of Education in a sealed envelope from the issuing university.

Where are the classes held?

Classes are held on the Forest Grove and Eugene campuses. The MAT Math/Science cohort program classes are held in Woodburn. Occasionally classes may meet off campus.

Do I need experience with children/youth before I apply?

We strongly recommend that you observe and/or volunteer in a classroom setting if you have not yet done so.

I won't finish my undergraduate degree until just before the master's program begins. Can I still apply?

Yes. The Admissions Committee may admit you contingent upon completing your bachelor's degree.

Which tests do I have to take?

All candidates for Initial Teaching Licensure programs must pass a basic skills test for admission. Candidates with an earned master's or doctoral degree, conferred prior to admission, are exempt from taking the basic skills test. All other applicable tests must be passed prior to the start of student teaching. For more information, see the Test Information page.

Where can I take the tests? How do I register for them?

You may register online for Praxis tests, the CBEST, and the ORELA. Once you have registered, you will be sent an admissions ticket indicating your test location.

Do I need to wait until I have received my test scores before I submit my application?

You can submit your application prior to receiving test scores. If you did not select Pacific University as a recipient for your test scores when you registered for the exam, please bring in your official score report for us to verify for our records. We must have verified official scores on file for licensure.

How many evaluation forms do I need to submit?

  • The College of Education requires that three evaluations are submitted for the MAT Programs: one from a professor or college instructor, one from someone who has observed you interacting with children/youth, and one from an employer or supervisor.
  • Undergraduate candidates must submit two evaluations: one from a professor or college instructor, one from someone who has observed you interacting with children/youth.
  • Advanced Programs candidates must submit two letters of recommendation, from school administrators, evaluators, or peer teachers, addressing the applicant's professional teaching abilities, relationships with students and staff, and attitudes about improvement of teaching.

Additional evaluations may be submitted, but please no more than five total. The evaluation forms should come from objective sources. Avoid recommendations from friends and relatives.

Do I need to get recommendation letters in addition to the evaluation forms?

The evaluation forms are sufficient. Evaluators may submit a letter of recommendation in addition to the evaluation form. The letters should be current - within the past two years.

What if I can't get a professor to write a letter of recommendation?

Many applicants have been out of school for several years. If you cannot secure a letter of recommendation from a professor, please choose a second person who has observed you interacting with children/youth.

How do I get information about financial aid?

For more information on financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office at Pacific University at 503-352-2222 or 877-722-8648 ext. 2222 or by e-mail at

When do I need to apply for financial aid?

Apply for financial aid at the same time you apply for admission. You may apply online at

Are there any scholarships available?

Yes. See the Scholarships page.

Can I apply online?

Yes. You can access our graduate application online.

Are there any online classes?

The College of Education does offer the English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Endorsement Program and Technology Learning Certificate Program online. In addition, the Talented & Gifted Certificate Program does have an online component.

Are late applications accepted?

Late applications are occasionally accepted. However, for most programs we admit on a rolling basis, so getting your application in early benefits you!

Where do I send my application?

Applications for programs on both campuses should be sent to:

Pacific University
College of Education Admissions
2043 College Way
Forest Grove, OR 97116

Who do I contact if I want to learn more about the programs or discuss my situation?

Contact the College of Education Admissions Office:

Diana Watkins | Associate Director of Graduate & Professional Admissions
503-352-1435 or 1-877-722-8648 ext. 1435 |

Krisha Hall | Admissions Counselor and Data Manager
503-352-1436 or 1-877-722-8648 ext. 1436 |