Dual-Degree Programs

Students from the clinical programs at Pacific University's College of Health Professions may apply to a dual-degree program, where they may earn the master of health administration (MHA) degree concurrently or immediately following completion of the clinical degree. These dual-degree programs fit the mission of interprofessional education within the MHA program, the College of Health Professions, and Pacific University.

Dual-degree students are able to complete the MHA coursework in three semesters (a total of 33 credit hours), because 15 credits of the clinical curriculum is applied to the MHA program.

Degree Options

The following degrees are offered:

Any students interested in taking a clinical dual-degree option will need to live within commuting distance of the Pacific University Hillsboro Campus while completing the coursework for the MHA.

Admissions Requirements

Dual-degree program candidates must go through the formal admission process for the MHA program and should contact the MHA Program Director Laura Dimmler at ldimmler@pacificu.edu for information on the application process, which begins in January each year. Applicants are evaluated using the same criteria established for the general MHA degree.