Re-applicant | Pharmacy

All previous applications are kept on file for two years. When an applicant reapplies, we combine the previous application(s) with the new application and application materials in order to compare all of the information provided. For the Fall 2014 admissions cycle, all re-applicants must complete a PharmCAS application and a Pacific supplemental application. We will match your old application to your new PharmCAS application and new Pacific supplemental application.

Complete a PharmCAS Application

  • Submit a complete online application
  • Arrange for PharmCAS to receive an official transcript from all accredited US institutions attended by the deadline
  • Send letters of reference*, foreign transcript evaluation reports, and test scores (TOEFL) scores to PharmCAS by the application deadline, if required by your designated pharmacy schools
  • Submit the correct PharmCAS application fee by the deadline

*Letters of Reference: you may use the same references as in previous applications, but recommenders must complete a NEW PharmCAS reference form.

Please visit PharmCAS for more instructions on completing a PharmCAS application.

Complete a Pacific Supplemental Application

Submit a brand new online application which includes:

  • Updating the prerequisite worksheet
  • Providing new responses to essays #1, #2 and #4 (specific re-application questions). All of the Fall 2014 essay questions are new, so you should provide new answers.
  • $50 non-refundable supplemental application fee