Student Ambassadors | Physical Therapy

The Ambassadors include approximately 22 students typically with 10 to 12 students from each class. The Ambassadors typically provide tours to prospective students during admissions appointments or during events at the Hillsboro Campus. Ambassadors also work very closely with the Admissions Office in providing an invaluable resource for prospective students.

If you would like to speak with a current student about their experience applying to or choosing Pacific University School of Physical Therapy, you are invited to contact one of our student ambassadors. Clicking on their name below will direct you to their e-mail. They will be happy to help you!


Kristen Allen '16

Undergraduate Institution | Corban University

Hometown | Salem, OR

One Reason I Chose Pacific | "I was immediately drawn towards the friendly, family feel of Pacific. I loved the way classes and internships were set up, how approachable the professors were, and I knew that by attending Pacific I would receive an education that completely prepared me for being a well-rounded therapist after graduation."

Hobbies | : Running, hiking, being outdoors, knitting

PT Student Activities |Student ambassador, Social chair for Class of 2016

Luke Dumyahn '16

Undergraduate Institution | University of Arizona

Hometown | Sedona, AZ

One Reason I Chose Pacific | "I chose Pacific because of how comfortable I felt attending interview day. Pacific University instantly gave me a community and friendly feel, and I knew it would be an easy transition moving here from Arizona. The professors, other faculty members, and students really went out of their way to make me feel like this could be a new home for me. I also really loved the health campus. It has a lot of natural lighting and is up to date with the technology and equipment to help us get the best out of our learning experience."

Hobbies | Trail Running, Hiking, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis.

PT Student Activities |  DPT ambassador, Intramural soccer, Intramural volleyball, Intramural Basketball.

Cory Harum '16

Undergraduate Institution | Eastern Washington University

Hometown | Wenatchee, WA

One Reason I Chose Pacific | "Aside from looking at the facts and statistics about the program, visiting Pacific’s campus finalized my choice. I chose to come to Pacific because the professors, students, and overall atmosphere was very friendly, encouraging, and family oriented. I fell in love with the team and environment that I would have supporting me during and after my education."

Hobbies | Essentially, I enjoy any sport or recreational activity that allows me to be outdoors and active. I love yoga, drawing, and having a few laughs with my friends and family.

PT Student Activities |   APTA member, Student Ambassador, OPTA Pub Nights, Class of 2016 Social Events

Annie Johnson '16

Undergraduate Institution | Oregon State University

Hometown | Myrtle Creek, OR

One Reason I Chose Pacific | "I chose Pacific because it felt right!  Going to the campus I could tell this is where I wanted to go to school because of all the small details.  There is a family feel within each and between each class.  The professors are available and will do anything to help you succeed.  I like all the natural lighting we get in class and the stand up desks for when we need a break from sitting.  The education is fabulous, and I found my place at Pacific."

Hobbies | Country western dancing, any dancing, hiking, love all sports, traveling

PT Student Activities | Student Ambassador, APTA member, Graduate Admissions Assistant, Studying!

Trinh Le '16

Undergraduate Institution | Portland State University

Hometown | Hillsboro, OR

One Reason I Chose Pacific | "The reason that I chose to attend Pacific University is because I felt that its was a good fit for my family and I.  On my interview day, I had a great time visiting the campus. I thought the campus was beautiful, and I really liked the Anatomy lab. The lab was very high tech, and I loved the fact that PT students got to do all the dissection. It was  also really nice to have the opportunity to interact with the faculty members and the current students from the program.  Everyone that I met was friendly and very helpful in answering my questions. On that day, everyone really made me feel welcome. The interview day definitely helped to solidify my decision in attending Pacific University PT program. "

Hobbies | Spending time with my wife and daughter, riding my bike, traveling, and lots of eating.

PT Student Activities | Member of Oregon Air National Guard, Chair-Professional Student Senate.

Christopher Mitchell '16

Undergraduate Institution | Western Washington University

Hometown | Everson, WA

One Reason I Chose Pacific | “I chose Pacific because I enjoyed the atmosphere of a health professions campus. It is nice to be part of a smaller campus, surrounded by students all working towards similar goals within their respective programs. From interactions during the application process and interview day, the faculty was not only knowledgeable, but also welcoming."

Hobbies | Cycling, hiking, traveling, exercise, nutrition, photography, technology, Seattle sports, classic cars.

PT Student Activities |  DPT Student Ambassador and UIS Technology Representative

Jocelyn Riordan '16

Undergraduate Institution | University of Puget Sound

Hometown | Lake Forest Park, WA

One Reason I Chose Pacific | "The incredible opportunities to complete physical therapy work around the world while being a part of a close knit family."

Hobbies: Traveling, attending concerts, camping, hiking, athletics, cheering for all the Seattle sports teams, playing the ukelele and spending time with friends and family."

PT Student Activities | Student Ambassador, Cadaver Dissection TA for the Physical Assistant Program, APTA member, Intramural Sports.

Sarah Tomscha '16

Undergraduate Institution | Pacific University

Hometown | Salem, OR

One Reason I Chose Pacific | The cohesive atmosphere of the students.

Hobbies | Swimming, playing violin, running, camping, hiking and having fun with my classmates!

PT Student Activities | Student Ambassador, Social Chair



Kristen Delsigne '15

Undergraduate Institution | Southern Oregon University

Hometown | Torrance, Calif.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | “I chose Pacific because I instantly felt welcome and like I would be part of a family if I decided to go here. I loved the fact that Pacific focuses on the clinical aspect of being a PT and teaches you how to utilize, understand, and instill evidence based practice in how we treat patients. The professors are so knowledgeable and so willing and ready to help with any questions, which is amazing for me because I love to ask questions!"

Hobbies | Soccer, running, hiking, reading for fun, going to the beach, and studying too much! Basically anything outdoors that also has me in the sunshine!

PT Student Activities | Class of 2015 Social Chair, DPT Ambassador, participating in PT social events

Jennifer Dimon '15

Undergraduate Institution | University of San Francisco

Hometown | Chico, Calif.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | “I chose Pacific University because I liked the vibe when I visited and interviewed. The atmosphere was professional but not competitive. The location was awesome - close to Portland, hiking, the ocean — all in day-trip vicinity. Oregon was cheaper to live in than California, where I am from. I also liked the clinical focus at Pacific University. That is more than one reason I chose Pacific but there were too many to choose from!"

Hobbies | I love to dance, do yoga, hike, and surf.

PT Student Activities |  I am a student ambassador (which I love) and ... I spend the rest of my time studying with good friends in the program and exercising. I am considering playing intramural basketball next year.

Kevin Grisell '15

Undergraduate Institution | UC Santa Cruz & Portland State University

Hometown | Chula Vista, Calif.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | "Community - and by that I mean both Pacific's involvement in the local communities, as well as the sense of community within the PT program here. From the first Open House I attended to some very friendly student I interacted with on my otherwise-very-nervous interview day, I found a sense of welcoming and encouragement."

Hobbies | Many nerdy pursuits — movies, comics, video games, outdoor activities when the weather allows

PT Student Activities | Chair of Pacific Student Senate, Student Ambassador, local jackanape

Shawnae Huffsmith '15

Undergraduate Institution | University of Montana

Hometown | Helena, Mont.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | “I decided to attend Pacific University because of the vast travel abroad opportunities that Pacific has to offer for the clinical rotations (Italy, Africa, and Nicaragua). I also fell in love with Portland. This location has so much to offer as far as hiking, nightlife, and a great Pacific PT family!!"

Hobbies | Soccer, hiking, snowboarding, shopping, and exploring new areas!

PT Student Activities | Student Ambassador and volunteering as much as possible!

Lacy Krebs '15

Undergraduate Institution | Oregon State University

Hometown | Portland, Ore.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | “I chose Pacific because of the feeling I got when I interviewed. Everyone seemed so happy and proud to be a part of the Pacific University PT family. They all participated in so many interesting activities and really emphasized getting involved with the school and the community. Pacific has so many great qualities that make it an exceptional environment to learn in such as personable and knowledgeable faculty, a campus made up of entirely students in the health professions, and PT students that are excited and determined to succeed. Also, I love the Portland area. Go Timbers!!"

Hobbies | Golf, snowboarding, anything outdoors, volunteering with organizations like the Special Olympics, exploring downtown Portland with friends!

PT Student Activities |  Class of 2015 class officer-Social Chair, PT school ambassador, participating in PT social events

Lauren Kriegel '15

Undergraduate Institution | Arizona State University - Polytechnic

Hometown | Tucson, Ariz.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | “The School of Physical Therapy wants their students to be exceptional in their work and engaged in the future of the profession. I feel the curriculum fosters well-rounded clinicians and I love that there are several outreach opportunities that advocate whole-patient and whole-community care. Also, I felt very welcome during the interview!"

Hobbies | Figure skating, hiking, and yoga

PT Student Activities | Student Ambassador

Evan Liu '15

Undergraduate Institution | Oregon State University and Pacific University

Hometown | Portland, Ore.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | “The biggest reason why I chose Pacific is the family atmosphere that is presented. I love the closeness of all the PT students, faculty and staff. The PT family at Pacific exudes a very unique feeling that I LOVE being a part of. Faculty and staff really want their students to succeed and will do whatever it takes to help them achieve their goals. Their focus on clinical skills and evidence based practice through a wide spectrum of PT will help us become well-rounded physical therapists in the future. Also, the location is amazing - I am constantly discovering new gems of Portland...and..I love Portland!"

Hobbies | Tennis, golf, hanging out with friends, BBQ/Cooking/eating/anything with food, listening to music, hiking, fishing, going to the beach. GO BLAZERS AND TIMBERS!!!

PT Student Activities | Student ambassador, Clinical selection committee member, PT social events. Also, I.M. soccer team ... go "Team C7"!!

Anne Schulenberg '15

Undergraduate Institution | Oregon State University

Hometown | Canby, Ore.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | “I chose Pacific because I had job shadowed and worked with a handful of Pacific grads and was very impressed with their knowledge and skill as PTs. I am confident that Pacific’s program is giving me the tools I need to become a successful clinician! The campus provides a great learning environment and the location is ideal."

Hobbies | Hiking, camping, running, working as a PT aide

PT Student Activities | Student ambassador, student-led Bible study

Ashley Sledz '15

Undergraduate Institution | Oregon State University

Hometown | Tigard, Ore.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | “I applied to Pacific three times before getting in and do not regret waiting to get into my choice school! I really liked the layout of Pacific’s program and how the clinical placements are spread throughout the three years instead of completing all the clinical’s at the end of the program. I personally learn best by doing and liked the benefit of having a few clinical experiences to use what I have learned and be able to come back with questions rather than trying to remember everything at the end! The process of choosing sites is fair and Pacific has a lot of connections with a variety of sites around the U.S. and even a few international options."

Hobbies | I love to run, go hiking, biking, bake and explore Portland by trying new restaurants.

PT Student Activities | Played on the class of 2015’s indoor soccer team (we were robbed of first place in the play off game)! Also I am part of the student clinical selection committee.

Caleb Werner '15

Undergraduate Institution | Pacific University

Hometown | Mesa, Ariz.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | “Pacific focuses on clinical skills and evidence based practice over physical therapy research which equips students with the skills to analytically study the research that could be used to further aid your patients in the future."

Hobbies | Racquetball, disc golf, mountain/road biking, soccer

PT Student Activities |  Class VP, Student ambassador, Clinical Selection Committee Member

Courtney Barnes '14

Undergraduate Institution | Oregon State University

Hometown | Prineville, Ore.

One Reason I Chose Pacific |  “As an Oregon native, attending Pacific always seemed like just a dream. Having direct interaction with many physical therapists from Pacific, I knew I would be fueled with evidence-based knowledge and provided with unmatched experiences throughout my education. It was not until after I arrived that I truly felt the magic. With daily welcoming greetings and boisterous laughter throughout the halls, you are not just given the tools to become a physical therapist; at Pacific, you are given a new family of goodness."

Hobbies | Hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, baking/cooking, kinect night parties, volunteering at Kinnaman Elementary, and spending time with friends and family

PT Student Activities | DPT/MHA dual degree, Study Group, Student Ambassador, APTA Member

Nicole Brewster '14

Undergraduate Institution | Washington State University

Hometown | Edmonds, Wash.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | "I was drawn to Pacific for the team atmosphere and friendly environment. It also has great new facilities and the professors are all excellent and interested in all students succeeding."

Hobbies | Working out, running, soccer, skiing, anything active!

PT Student Activities | Social Chair, Student Ambassador, Member of APTA, Representative on Internship Committee, Intramural Sports

Jacki Carter '14

Undergraduate Institution |  University of Washington

Hometown | Yakima, Wash.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | "Looking ahead to three years of school, hard work, and a lot of change, it was important for me to find a place that felt comfortable and welcoming. I loved Pacific when I visited because it is a professional and highly reputable program but also offered a supportive and friendly environment. I can’t imagine going through PT school without the wonderful community of classmates, faculty, and staff that I have here."

Hobbies | Dancing, Pilates, Yoga, Baking, Reading, Movie Nights, Traveling

PT Student Activities | Student Ambassador, Representative on Internship Committee, APTA Member

Zachary Christopherson '14

Undergraduate Institution | Western Oregon University

Hometown | Portland, Ore.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | "I felt Pacific University was a great fit with both my personal and professional goals. The strengths of the program were in line with the opportunities I was looking for in my education specifically a clinically experienced faculty that were easily accessible, a focus on ethics and evidence based practice, attention to practice without referral and a positive student friendly learning environment."

Hobbies | Coaching, Exercise, Recreational sports

PT Student Activities | Class president, IPSS representative, Student Ambassador, Internship Committee representative, APTA Member, Intramural sports, Student assistant in Pacific athletic training room

Perry Dunn '14

Undergraduate Institution | New Mexico State University

Hometown | Las Cruces, N.M.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | "I chose Pacific for the family atmosphere that is fostered by the professors, faculty and students. Even when I visited for interview, I felt at home and and have never felt any different since. Also, Pacific is located in a perfect area in the beautiful Pacific Northwest."

Hobbies | Mountain biking, running, kayaking, basketball, soccer (most forms of exercise), movies and traveling.

PT Student Activities | Student Ambassador, APTA member, Intramural Sports

Jamie Ford '14

Undergraduate Institution | Bemdidji State University

Hometown | Edina, M.N.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | "The family oriented atmosphere is was really sold me. There is not one student or faculty in this program who I feel uncomfortable around. Everyone here would go to the extremes for each other; whether it be help in a class, a shoulder to lean on, or just a person to show you a good time! I love my classmates."

Hobbies | Anything active! Soccer, snowboarding, hiking, working out, going on adventures and just trying new things. I also enjoy getting crafty, going to concerts, creating a delicious meal, a good fellowship group, and some me time in the hot tub.

PT Student Activities | I am an ambassador for Pacific, a member of the APTA, and I really enjoy playing for any intramural sports team the PT student put together

Cassandra Garcia '14

Undergraduate Institution | University of Wyoming

Hometown | Casper, Wyo.

One Reason I Chose Pacific |  " I am very interested in providing therapy overseas in the future, and there are a number of international options available for clinical internships through Pacific."

Hobbies | Running, hiking, camping, listening to music, reading, movie watching, attempting to paint, cross country skiing, eating Indian food, taking my dog Samson to the park

PT Student Activities | Ambassador, Member of APTA

Lauren Gray '14

Undergraduate Institution | California State University, East Bay

Hometown | Martinez, Calif.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | "Besides the amazing anatomy lab, the dedicated and caring faculty, and the great reputation, one of the things that struck me about Pacific was the family environment that fills the hallways. My classmates have become part of my family and I have made so many friendships that will last a lifetime."

Hobbies | Horseback riding, swimming, reading (textbooks and “normal” books), hanging out with friends, playing intramural volleyball with the THERABANDits.

PT Student Activities | Ambassadors, Internship Committee, APTA member

Krystyna Owens '14

Undergraduate Institution | University of Portland

Hometown | Portland, Ore.

One Reason I Chose Pacific "| As I looked into Pacific I became increasingly enamored by the program that is offered for physical therapy. At first it was just a school with a good reputation and that kept me in the Pacific Northwest. Then I saw that Pacific did not require the GRE, it was a doctorate program that didn’t require loads of research, and most importantly, the great relationships between students and professors."

Hobbies | Reading, shopping, video games, soccer, taekwondo, board games, Rubik’s cubes, going out to eat delicious food, and getting all the extra sleep I can

PT Student Activities | Late night sleep-over study sessions, Student Ambassadors, APTA member

Jennifer Reif '14

Undergraduate Institution | University of Wyoming

Hometown | Deadwood, S.D.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | "I chose Pacific because I felt it had a lot to offer for me. It has a great faculty whose is very welcoming and is always available to assist its students in any way. Furthermore, it has several elective options available for students to take throughout their three years, which was very appealing to me. I also liked the international opportunities available for clinical internships.

Hobbies | Almost anything outdoors such as hiking, camping, mountain biking, back packing, snow shoeing, or running. Also, enjoy spending time with family and friends or reading a good book.

PT Student Activities | Student Ambassador, APTA Member

Emily Roush '14

Undergraduate Institution | University of Cincinnati

Hometown | Versailles, Ohio

One Reason I Chose Pacific | "Out of the 12 schools I applied to, the DPT program at Pacific stood out the most. I originally stumbled upon a video of this west coast school that the DPT students had made, and thought to myself, these look like people who know how to work hard and play hard. My interview however sealed the deal. I learned that out of the twelve schools I applied to, Pacific was the only one that focused on educating their students on how to properly critique and implement effective research into one’s practice. Aside from the curriculum, the DPT students here at Pacific know the importance of work hard then play hard. "

Hobbies | I typically enjoy working out (whether it be free classes at the rec, outdoor activities, or Insanity/Hip Hop Abs with my roommates), reading a good love story, watching movies during study breaks, eating, dancing my face off, going to church on Sunday mornings, and boating or playing Pickle Ball with my family.

PT Student Activities | APTA Member, Student Ambassadors, “Theraband-its” Intramural Volleyball team, DPT socials, and having a few laughs with the class of 2014.

Kayla Scotch '14

Undergraduate Institution | University of Arizona

Hometown | Wilsonville, Ore.

One Reason I Chose Pacific | "I was originally drawn to Pacific because of its location and great reputation, but what really got me excited about their DPT program was my interview. The students, faculty, and staff made me feel welcome and relaxed even though I was extremely nervous. Pacific continues to be a great environment."

Hobbies | I enjoy anything to do with the outdoors! Exercising, walking my dog, riding my horse, snowboarding, wakeboarding 

PT Student Activities | I am a Student Ambassador, a member of APTA, and participate in intramurals