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Time to Completion for all students entering the program

Applicants with prior credit from another program may transfer in no more than 21 credits. Although a small number of students entering with prior credit complete the program in less than 5 years, the majority of students take at least 5 years to complete the program.

Program Costs

Adjustments to Tuition Assistantships
Teaching: 61 @ $1,200/term
Graduate: 21 @ $3,000/year
Scholarships: 22 ranging from $1,000-$4,000

Internship Placement - Table 1


Internship Placement - Table 2


*Cell should only include students who applied for internship and are included in applied cell count from "Internship Placement - Table 1"



Outcome 2004 to 2014
The total number of program graduates (doctoral degrees conferred on transcript) between 2 and 10 years ago 278
The number of these graduates (between 2 and 10 years ago) who became licensed psychologists in the past 10 years 246
Licensure percentage 88%