Roles and Responsibilites

There are a number of roles and associated responsibilities that a faculty member might assume in the study abroad process as well as a number of individuals and entities with which one might interact.

Faculty Coordinator

The faculty coordinator designated for each trip works closely with the Jesse F. Richardson (JFR) Foundation. Pacific University International Programs Office and Business Office, faculty advisors, on-site supervisors and team leaders to assure that all required paperwork is submitted. In addition the coordinator assures that all participants are informed and prepared for the study abroad experience. A key role is also played in coordination of budgeting, donation gathering, fund-raising events and marketing efforts. These responsibilities may be shared with other participating faculty members.

Faculty Advisor

Each participating health profession program must have a designated faculty advisor who coordinates the participation of the students within their specific program. The faculty advisor screens and approves students for participation in the study abroad program. Selected students must be enrolled in a related course that provides credit for the student experience and the advisor monitors that the student meets the criteria set-forth in the course. Faculty advisors work with the faculty coordinator to assure that students complete all required paperwork, orient students and supervisors for travel, prepare students to implement health services while in-country, and assists students to engage in donation gathering and fund-raising activities.

Professional Supervisor (on-site)

A professional supervisor may be a faculty member or licensed practitioner in your health discipline who assures that student participants plan and implement ethical and quality services within one's specific scope of practice. Frequently, the faculty advisor also serves as the on-site supervisor. The supervisor also assures that students follow the required codes of behavior set forth by the University, foundation and on-site organizations and helps to assure of the students safety and well-being while in-country. The supervisor must be well versed in the University Crises Response Plan and the Graduate and Professional Handbook.

Team Leader

A team leader may be designated by either participating faculty or the JFR Foundation to assist the travelling team with pragmatic and logistical situations while in-country. This may include but is not limited to: obtaining bottled water, chaperoning students during evening excursions, handling money matters, problem-solving any unexpected schedule changes or unforeseen events that may arise, facilitate access to medical supplies and services if needed and cell phone contact with the Foundation.