Admitted Students


Congratulations, you've made it! You are among the best and the brightest, making up our Class of 2019.

This page was created just for you. It is our hope that you find here the resources to further understand your next steps and begin to immerse yourself in the Pacific University community.

Welcome — we are so very glad you're here.

After You Are Admitted

As You Declare

After You Declare

NOTE: The Housing Application and the Academic Interest survey will be sent to your PUNet email address.  If you haven’t already, please establish your PUNet Account today.

It takes 1-4 days for new students to be processed, and for their info to be sent over to the other departments on campus.  Please wait 1-4 days for the processing to occur and I am sure you will have the link in your mailbox by the end of day 4.

If you have any further questions, please email Anastasia Bennett at 

Preparing for Registration

Your Final Steps

  • Sign up for an exciting pre-orientation outdoor trip with Voyages
  • Make sure your high school sends in your final transcript (including graduation date) to the Office of Admissions
  • Already have medical insurance? File your student health insurance waiver (outside site)
  • Pack up, and move in! Answer any housing questions by reading answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Have more questions? Check out FAQs for admitted students.

Dates to Remember

  • July 9 - Aug 11 (Selected Dates): On-Campus Registration - NOTE:  The Advising Office will be contacting you to let you know what your Advising date/time is.  These events are Academic Interest specific.  You will be assigned your date based on the area of study that you indicated on the AIS. 
  • July 18: Hawai‘i Registration
  • Aug. 13: Submit Medical Waiver Form (external site)
  • Aug. 15: Pay Tuition & Fees
  • Aug. 27-30: Move-in/Orientation Begins
  • Aug. 31: Classes Begin