Online Math Bridge Program

Pacific University is offering an opportunity for qualifying students to improve their math placement. Admitted students who have been placed into Math 122 (College Algebra) are eligible to participate in the Online Math Bridge Program. This program is designed to provide an intensive and supportive review of key math concepts to enable students to improve their math performance. Upon completion of the Online Math Bridge Program, students will have the skills necessary to increase their math placement and ideally qualify for Math 125 (College Pre-calculus). 

Why is Math 125 (College Pre-calculus) so important?

Math 125 is the prerequisite for many required science, math and business courses. This course must be completed early in the academic sequence in order to successfully graduate within four years.

Do you have questions about your math placement?

Please contact the Advising Center at 503.352.2280 or

Online Math Bridge Coordinator

Chris Lane | Assistant Professor of Mathematics
503-352-1494 |

Program Details


Students with academic interests in the Natural Sciences and/or Business who are interested in improving their math skills to successfully place into Math 125 - Pre-calculus.


Free! Pacific University is committed to your academic success.


Dates TBA (6-week online self-paced course); 1-2 hours per day commitment


Complete the registration form by June 17 and authenticate your PUNet ID.