Applied Science


Students tailor their coursework in the natural sciences and mathematics to their interests and career goals. Coursework includes introductory and intermediate classes from each of two fields of study. Students also complete a capstone and possible internship in one of the fields of study.

Students who choose an applied science major may be prepared for graduate health science programs, such as optometry, pharmacy, nursing or health information programs. Students also may be prepared to start a career in high-tech or bio-tech companies or health-related industries.

Program Highlights

  • Create a tailored educational experience
  • Access faculty from across the School of Natural Sciences
  • Broad and deep educational experiences with introductory and intermediate courses
  • Prepare for a 3-2 engineering program, graduate studies for math and science teaching, or a high-tech career


Students with a customized applied science major can prepare for a variety of career paths, working toward graduate school in engineering, environmental science or health sciences, or toward careers with high-tech or bio-tech research companies. Our graduates are students in engineering school, environmental science and the health professions, and they work in high-tech companies, research, and healthcare facilities.

Professor & Director of Undergraduate Research
Associate Dean & Director, School of Natural Sciences