Bachelor of Health Science | Online

Students in the BHS program at Pacific University are interested in or already working in healthcare. The ideal student will hold an associate degree with a healthcare concentration and will have at least two years of full-time work experience in healthcare. Students in this program are looking for opportunities to advance their careers in healthcare management or to complete a bachelor’s degree that qualifies them to pursue graduate studies in health professions. They are self-motivated and technologically capable of completing a degree program online.

Students who complete the bachelor of health science program at Pacific University will gain the skills and educational experience to advance their careers in healthcare management or to apply to graduate programs in the health professions.

Pacific University opens its bachelor of health science program in Fall 2014. Prospective graduates plan to use their experiences in healthcare management or administrative positions with:

  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare systems
  • Health insurance companies
  • Nursing facilities
  • Hospice organizations
  • Public health agencies
  • Dental and medical practices

Learn Online

All program coursework is delivered completely via distance technology (online), with weekly synchronous interactive sessions between instructors and students built into each course.

Students will gain the skills and knowledge necessary in healthcare management to advance their careers, gain entry into management positions with a variety of healthcare organizations, or pursue graduate education programs in the field of healthcare.

Graduates of the BHS degree program will be prepared for entry into healthcare management or administrative positions with hospitals, health systems, health insurance companies, nursing facilities, hospice organizations, public health agencies, dental and medical practices, and other healthcare or social services organizations.

The degree-completion program is a cohort model consisting of the following:

  • Three semesters (in one calendar year)
  • 40 credits
  • Completely online

The curriculum is designed to provide working healthcare professionals an opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Health Science degree, focusing in healthcare management.

Pacific's BHS program is a degree-completion program. Students in the BHS program will have already have at least two years of experience in healthcare and completed an Associate's degree or have completed 114-120 quarter credits (76-80 semester credits) toward a bachelor's degree.

Fall 2014

Course Credits
Leadership and Ethics in Healthcare 2

Comparative Healthcare Delivery Systems and Global Health

Information Management Systems in Healthcare 2
Healthcare Finance and Accounting I 4
Senior Thesis/Capstone: Research Methods 1
Internship 1

Spring 2015

Course Credits
Healthcare Accounting II 2
Healthcare Strategic Planning and Marketing 4
Healthcare Management and Governance 2
Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management in Healthcare Organizations 4
Internship 1

Summer 2015

Course Credits
Health Policy and Law 2
Healthcare Operations Management and Quality Improvement 4
Statistical Analysis and Decision Making 2
Healthcare Economics 4
Senior Thesis/Capstone: Synthesis and Presentation 1

Total Credits: 40