The BHS degree costs $675 per credit with no additional fees. This one-year, 40-credit, degree-completion program in healthcare management costs $27,000.

The traditional undergraduate liberal arts degree program at a private school in the Pacific Northwest costs on average about $40,000 per year, including fees, plus an estimated additional $10,000 for room, board and meals.

The benefits a student receives with the BHS degree, besides the tremendous savings passed on by the university, are:

  • A curriculum designed to prepare students for positions in healthcare management
  • Small class sizes online with individualized instruction
  • Faculty with real-world experience working in healthcare organizations
  • An opportunity to network and build relationships with the cohort and instructors
  • Flexibility of coursework and class meetings online for the working adult learner
  • Healthcare Spanish courses that are free to students who matriculate to the BHS program and have not yet completed the foreign language prerequisites

Traditional liberal arts undergraduate programs usually have day classes with students aged 18-24, many who live on campus and do not have full-time jobs. 

The bachelor of health science (BHS) program is a non-traditional online degree-completion program with the School of Healthcare Administration and Leadership, located at Pacific University's Hillsboro Campus. 

Classes in the BHS program are online with weekly online meetings and course activities. Flexible block schedules stretch the curriculum over roughly 11 months, starting at the end of August and completing the end of the following July. Students are working adults of various ages and life commitments who cannot always attend day classes and do not need to live on campus. The online courses also provide opportunity for students who may work and live at great distances from the campus.

The college’s contribution is applied toward the cost of tuition for students admitted to the BHS program and has been factored into the final tuition package. All students who are accepted and matriculate into the BHS program will receive this same tuition savings.

Employer contributions at various healthcare organizations may also apply. Check with your employer and/or HR director.

Students may choose to apply for federal financial aid by completing the FAFSA. Private loan options may also be a consideration.

Contact the Financial Aid Office at or 503-352-2222 for more information.