Education and Learning

The education and learning major provides tomorrow’s educators with practical knowledge, skills and experience within a hands-on community of learners. Designed for students interested in early childhood and elementary education, the major is offered at the Forest Grove Campus.


Education and learning majors on the Forest Grove Campus may enter as freshmen or as transfer students.

The program offers a deep understanding of the psychological, social, philosophical, and curricular foundations of education, and prepares students to work with children in a variety of settings.

Students who want to earn an Oregon Initial Teaching License as an undergraduate complete additional professional course requirements through the College of Education, including a student teaching experience, to qualify for licensure. Students who want to earn teaching licenses as undergraduates can choose multiple-subject early childhood and elementary education authorizations or special education endorsement. Students not interested in obtaining a teaching license will take the Education and Learning major through the College of Arts and Sciences.

Graduate Programs

The College of Education also offers an undergraduate degree in elementary education and English language learning at the Eugene and Woodburn campuses, as well as variety of graduate level programs, including routes to a fifth-year or part-time master of arts in teaching, as well as preparation for secondary-level teaching.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students develop a deep and practical understanding of the psychological, social, philosophical, and curricular foundations of education.


Diana Watkins | Associate Director of Graduate & Professional Admissions
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Professor of Education
Professor; Undergraduate Program Coordinator (Forest Grove)
Associate Professor of Education
Assistant Professor; Undergraduate Program Coordinator (Eugene); Campus Director (Eugene)